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21 Jul 2006 3,810 views
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photoblog image Junior drummers (theme #4)
Junior drummers (theme #4)|

Junior drummers (theme #4)

This is my own interpretation of the Theme: Music. It's a bit contrived but I couldn't come up with anything creative so I thought I'd put up one of my favourite captures from the wedding I covered last week in Lagos, a set of drummers.

On another matter: I want to set up a little portrait photo business where my services will be to create photographic portraits for people of all sorts in their natural environment. I'm no expert presenting my stuff, I think the best way to go about this is to ask my audience who know my work very well by now. What do you think is the best way to go about this? I know some of you are very business inclined so now is the time to shine and share some of that knowledge gifted to you. Would you have me take a photograph of you? In what medium would you have it presented to you?

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  • Jon
  • United Kingdom
  • 21 Jul 2006, 00:12
Very nice exposure, composition and depth of field. Great shot.
Jide Alakija: Thanks Jon.
  • Yẹni
  • United Kingdom
  • 21 Jul 2006, 00:29
Jide,when it comes to presentation of especially Photographic work I will definitely recommend talking to WOMEN. From experience they have a unique way of looking at things and how they want them presented. Whenever I am working on a new product or project I always invite all my female friends around for an initial viewing.
  • Yẹni
  • United Kingdom
  • 21 Jul 2006, 00:30
I have a similar image that I am going to put up in a few days time... love the shot though.
Jide Alakija: I'm looking forward to it. Thanks Abi.
This is class. i just love the colours and the foreground.
My bro. I am sure with a little more marketing, the orders will be coming in very soon. My advice is to start with some complimentary cards (and a pointer to your online gallery.. which is very marketable as it is now) and some leg work. Fingers crossed.
Hope your day was better?...Anyway, I think there is a lot of opportunity in the portrait photo business. If I had the money, I would probably be prepared to pay a £1,000 for a diary of pictures on my TYPICAL DAY and have as many pictures framed up and put up all over my flat. For those that don't have typical days, then perhaps a £2,000 charge for a TYPICAL WEEK would be appropriate. This service would obviously mean that the photographer would be wherever I am throughout the day up till my sleep-time(I would obviously prefer a female photographer if there is a sleep-time service), therefore it demands a lot from the photographer. Let's call it PHOTO-SCORTING as in escorts et al!
Jide Alakija: You know that's an experiment I wouldn't mind trying out just for the fun of it. I'm sure either of us would get very frustrated with the other but it's worth trying out I feel just for the fun of it. You know what we can even exhibit it on an online webpage and recieve comments for the images. What do you think? I'm getting carried away by your idea now.
  • atunbi
  • United Kingdom
  • 21 Jul 2006, 02:41
Ya millions is on da way oooo. We might love you on here but am sure the "outside world" dont know what is coming to hit em. Well, photography wise that is. Maybe you can nick some ideas from thisisventure.com (they seem to be making a mint from PP and there photos are not half as nice as yours.

On another note pls do you increase your resolution in photoshop or how do you acheive such high reso.
Jide Alakija: Atunbi, Thanks. I had a look at Venture but they market the experience of being photographed and having fun with the family and loved ones. Quite different from what I normally do with my clients up until now. Lots to think about.

I had a look at your equipment before I thought of an answer for this one. You have a 20D so you have at least 2MP more res than I do, meaning you'll get better photos than I would ever. That fact we know. So how do I do it? I don't know how much you know about the channels in Photoshop, if you do, then you can get more detail from the various channels. For better skin tones the green channel is a good channel to use for more detail. Simply copy the required channel and paste it in the layers menu. Change the blend mode to "Luminosity" as you don't want the black and white from the new channel and only the light detail. Then play with the curves on various parts of the image. Also the colour balance is another important thing to play with. I try all sorts where I see fit.

I also suggest getting this book. "Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Photographers- Martin Evening"

Another thing, get a very good prime lens. wink

i love this picture. i love the details of the drummer's shirt and how it contrasts against the grain of the drum. and i particularly like the blurred drummer in the background.

you are an extremely talented photographer, and i think that you would be crazy not to put the thought of this business venture into action. i am fairly new to this gig...just got my camera at christmas, so i am afraid i am of no help to you in regards to the details. but jump brother and a net will appear.
Jide Alakija: Thanks...very much appreciated! I started relatively not long ago too (nov 04) but photoblogging has really made a big difference for me.
  • Laurie
  • United States
  • 21 Jul 2006, 05:47
I am not sure how you go about it. I do word of mouth, but I am very new to this and hav eonly done a few jobs. I did some dhots at youth orchestra and intergenerational orchestras and people approached me there. I also get the word out through friends, family and neighbors.

I think your work is fantastic and you should be able to do it no problem. I would put together a portfolio of some of your best printed work and present that to potential clients. I know youth orchestras often are fertile ground. Parents love pics of their kids playing in the orchestra all dressed up playing their instruments.

Summer camps are also a good place to try. Parents love to see shots of their kids on-line while they are away at camp. My son did gymnastics camp for many years and they had a web site with a section called "in the bleachers" where daily photos were posted and the parents could buy them. They also get cabin shots and shots of the kids with the visiting olympic athletes. Now this camp hired a full time staff photographer, but Iam sure they don't all have staff photographers. Music camps would be a good place to try since they are usually only 2 or 3 weeks long.

You could also try and get graduations and proms, now those are easy to do, if you can get them. Try small private schools, since the public schools usually hire larger outfits with several photographers.

Hope this gives you some ideas.
Jide Alakija: WOW! Great ideas...thanks Laurie.
  • barbara
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 21 Jul 2006, 06:50
Lovely as always...his hands seem to come to life against the background...great colours as well. In terms of the business..I'll have a think and if I come up with anything useful..I'll send an e-mail.
  • Suby
  • Milton Keynes, Great Britain (UK)
  • 21 Jul 2006, 09:48
Absolutely lovely shot, I love the subtle PPing here. Good play with the channels.

Quick questions?
Do you sharpen your images?
If yes, how do you sharpen them?(Method used)
Jide Alakija: Hmmm..seems you didn't read through my walkthrough when I posted the image on 18th June. (http://www.alakija.shutterchance.com/photoblog/5308.htm). grin

Yes I do sharpen my images using an advanced photoshop sharpening technique I described in that post. Check it out!
  • Steve
  • GB
  • 21 Jul 2006, 10:14
I like the concept, colours, detail and processing, but find that the bottom right quarter lets it down and unbalances the picture.

Re the business - if you want to take photos of kids, then getting yourself CRB checked would be a good thing. If you want to take photos of adults for themselves in a role like Sola suggested, you're going to have to play on their vanity. You doubtless move amongst younger people than I do which I'm sure will help. Most people I know run away if I point a camera at them! Sounds a great idea though, can I take the Hampshire franchise?
  • Idefix
  • Germany
  • 21 Jul 2006, 10:30
that's great, creative, inventive and uses shapes and patterns (that shirt) really well. I love it. No help at all with your business idea but I'm sure you'll make a go of it - maybe invest a few days doing the kind of shots you would be offering to paying punters on some attractive volunteers, and then using that portfolio to sell your service? Get a concept together and try and get the local papers to run an editorial about it.
  • Azhar
  • India
  • 21 Jul 2006, 11:41
I saw your events page, 150 pounds for 3 hours + 40 pounds per extra .wow.very nice package though, except for the price grin
promoting your portrait business, presernting work, dont understnad, you want an idea on how to present your work ot client? Bug A4 prints psiral bound with a collage on the cover would be for me, professionally designed in photoshop with a pixelpost style on each page.
very nice shot GREAT GREAT GREAT SHOT!
  • chantal
  • Netherlands
  • 21 Jul 2006, 12:28
beautiful focus, crop and frame.
Sweeeet, love this...Great detail, when i saw the thumbnail it looked very much like the types of drums we have here in SL...Wish i had a picture to show you..
  • Fola77
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 21 Jul 2006, 13:14
Great shot of a fantastic art ;-) reminds me of a certain man in Vienna, Austria (heehee) well done, Jid.

Bizwise- well, word of mouth is always a good way to start.
You already do events, you can do 'buscards' or mini IVs 2 present, a la Naija party photograpers -u know those pple dat walk around with a camera, snap and come back 20mins later sayg '100 Naira ma/sir' and maybe a webpage, copy d link in2 ALL ur outgoing mail ;-)..?

Either way, I'm confident it will be fantabulous. P.s U have an entrepreneur by ur side. Y u out here gleaning,aye? (heehee) keep shining.
  • Craig
  • London
  • 21 Jul 2006, 13:19
Great shot, love the perspective!
  • Funmi
  • 21 Jul 2006, 13:34
call me strange... but the best part of this picture for me is how the fabric design on the drummers' shirt looks so alive. lovely.
  • micki
  • United States
  • 21 Jul 2006, 13:37
Love this, love any image of a drummer!!
I'll be placing an order real soon...I am sure there'll be a lot of people interested in doing it. The pricing seems right and I think it might even become the next big thing in interior design if possible. As per the future, rather than wooden frames or the sort all over your flat, you might have 12-inch LCDs all over(when they become cheaper and clearer for instance, "HDTV quality") and get the pictures updated periodically via a weblink to the LCDs from your webserver...I mean that's an expensive thought but it should be feasible in the near future.
  • Reza
  • United States
  • 21 Jul 2006, 15:38
I like this one Jide. The quality is up the wazoo, the DOF is nice and the colors are spot on.

Composition is just fine. I like this.
  • folarin lajumoke
  • United States
  • 21 Jul 2006, 16:16
Nice idea. Leave marketing side to me smile On a more serious note think you do portraits great justice hence see no problem with the idea.
  • manju
  • Singapore
  • 22 Jul 2006, 09:14
Love the composition.
  • Isowa
  • United States
  • 25 Jul 2006, 03:49
nice picture, I like taking pics or pics of talking drums. It's always really natural. noticed the other drummer in the background too. what's that between the drummer's shirt and the strap of the drum?
I know you have a bunch of ideas already, so use them wisely, you'll go far smile

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