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19 Jun 2007 2,032 views
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photoblog image Who is this lady?
Who is this lady?|

Who is this lady?

Who is this lady?

Sorry guys, I couldn't get the other shot which I planned on calling "Pure joy #2" up, so this will have to take it's place. It's another dramatic portrait from Alakija.com. I'm in the process of putting together a collection of works for my website and this is an example of what is to come.

When you see a shot like this, what immediately comes to mind? What does it say to you? To some it may say something about the energy in a beautiful black woman. realness, freedom of expression, power, it may also symbolise the strength in Africa. Beauty, strength, power. What about the pose?

Basically I want to see if this shot challenges you or your convention or culture.

comments (24)

It is indeed a dramatic shot. When I first saw this photo, the thing that struck me most was the beauty of her arms: how she can wear four thick bangles on one arm, and the ornament on the other, and how her hands stretch around the item she is carrying on her head. It's not conventional beauty, but it is a kind of aspirational beauty nonetheless.
  • tetsu
  • Tokyo
  • 19 Jun 2007, 04:48
What an impressive portrait.
Strong and beautiful! smile
A very nice portrait !!! It definately reminds me of Africa in ways I am finding hard to articulate.
  • Mal
  • 19 Jun 2007, 08:30
you ask a lot of questions Jide and don't really feel qualified to give a considered response! But I do love the image, it has that transulcent Jide stamp. My first impression was of a hard working girl going about her daily business with the working pose, she is beautiful but is very well groomed and extremely proud of her appearance, love her expression to she almost has an attitude of distaste at your intrussion. I'm waffling! love the image. mal
Jide you always have intense depth of filed in your portraits. If I see an alakija shot I almost immeiately know now. Nice shot tho. Looks like she's still trying to be glamorous in the heat of the sun while carrying the calabash
  • Leye
  • 19 Jun 2007, 09:07
She looks Like EVE ( the rapper)
  • Yeni
  • 19 Jun 2007, 10:03
O.k Dude you should know me well enough that When I look at an image I look at how the Image can be improved firstly.

1. Attention to detail, what can easily improve an image can also easily become a distraction, when you look at the Bangles on the right arm it draws your attention immediately to the Left arm. (the brace she is wearing is a distraction in my books.

2.once you place something in the dead Centre, symmetry becomes an Issue.I.e I am refering to her hands on the Calabash..they are uneven, again not everyone will notice again ...attention to detail.

3. she is squinting...(I hope thats how is spelt) her eyes...it makes her look uncomfortable..

Sorry i am ignoring your shmmood, but when we are shooting a Portarit session we can afford to get the composition and all its elements right.

I like the angle of view and the PP
It (the calabash) seems heavy....

I like the PP, would have liked to see her neck tho, probably would have been long and elegant...

she's a little reminiscent of nnenna on ANTM, not that I expect you to know a lot about it...

one question...why is the calabash on her head? thats the typical "african" look...

ALL IN ALL....I still think its a solid picture!!
God help the man in whose name she is going to drop it at the junction....lol

This is solid. very well done.
I like the clasp or whatever it is on her left arm.
The B&W also makes it really arresting.

She could have smiled though....
  • Critical
  • 19 Jun 2007, 14:49
beautiful...but it looks too staged...the calabash looks out of place and too much like a western point of view of an 'African' image. Doesnt look like the sort of thing that should really be on a head. The symetry doesn't feel right, dead centre would have been more fulfilling.

Despite this, still a great shot!
oh Jide, wonderful image!
ur work with tones her eis beaten by her expresison...i feel only raw energy coming out from her...
  • Steve
  • 19 Jun 2007, 16:18
No idea who she is. Should I recognise her? smile

Can I start by saying that your mono conversion is outstandingly remarkably superb. The best I've seen for quite some time. I mean it.

As for the composition, I find that the head is too low for comfort, I need some more torso and perhaps a bit less at the sides.

It looks like you've shot this in front of a tree. The big problem for me the bright highlight behind her right elbow, and to a lesser extent the light/dark area around her left elbow.

As far as the model herself is concerned though - the quality is breathtaking.
  • Meme
  • 19 Jun 2007, 20:37
Nnenna from ANTM?
  • Suby
  • MK
  • 20 Jun 2007, 00:43
100% love it. PERFECT in my opinion.

Absolutely love it!
  • BeakerSt
  • Shutterchance
  • 20 Jun 2007, 23:07
A really striking pose and presented very artistically, the processing really supports it. Like it.
Awesome shot! Simple yet very effective!
  • Ovo
  • UK
  • 21 Jun 2007, 11:45
I want that shot in one of my restaurants hanging from the wall. You do know that I will have to some of your picture blown up and hanging from walls in my house and restaurant.
  • josef
  • 21 Jun 2007, 15:55
Nice interesting portrait.
  • Ally
  • 24 Jun 2007, 04:49
Did you leave the armpit hair on for a reason? Seriously dude - attention to detail!!
  • John
  • 26 Jun 2007, 01:01
I wanted to say something about that, Dude it kinda ruins it for me
  • Dada
  • 12 Jul 2007, 23:32
i don't see strength in this picture...i see defiance and anger (from her eyes).

And carrying a sekere (a musical instrument) on her head doesn't signify strength either. Maybe if she had a baby on her back and was carrying a gourd (remove the beads), then yeah...i'd see strength.
  • 21 Aug 2008, 20:05

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