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08 Jun 2007 2,094 views
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photoblog image The Red Bus
The Red Bus|

The Red Bus

Today, Funke is going to tell us what she thinks about this image.......

The macabre sky appears to be very ominous and is somewhat typical of London weather, but that is a topic for another day! The enlarged road markings are very prominent and really help to pick out the yellow tones in the rest of the picture. Good old red buses, it seems like the traditional designs have all but vanished. The use of red in this composition is quite dramatic and adds to the overall ambiance of the picture. It’s almost as if the bus is afraid to cross the road markings for fear of what lies on the other side.... Maybe it’s just me, but this scene is quite eerie and eludes to a fear of the unknown.... more later F

comments (22)

numero uno yet again.

jide, jide, jide....I dont know where to look, maybe I'm blind. If you hadnt called it 'the red bus', I'd have been looking at the building....the sky does look eerie so I guess I agree with the fear of the unknown bit....

oh am confuzzled
Jide Alakija: Hmmm.what would you have rather called it? The Yellow Junction box?
The most striking aspect of this image is the echo of the angle of the yellow grid markings in the building in the background, the foremost vertical of that building being perfectly placed in the frame. The perspective is then repeated in the red routemaster and the contrast of the red with the yellow really brings it alive. The little grey car and person standing in line with the yellow grid help maintain a balance. The sky jars a little with me, it doesn't seem to quite belong but it does add drama and tension. And I love those TV arials standing almost like sentinels over the scene below.
Lovely piece of work Jide.
Jide Alakija: I love it when people show how much attention detail they have. The bit about the arials did it for me. Thanks.
I would have thot this young man was at risk of being knocked down while taking this picture. He should get a £50 fine for road congestion ,trafic obstruction ,endangering motourist and invasion privacy
Jide Alakija: You know the funny thing? I wasn't even on the road when I took this, I was on the curb at the corner of the box. wink
love the sky, sir today u're my hero - amazing shotsmile
Jide Alakija: If I'm your hero today I what I'll be tomorrow. Thanks Ade.
The yellow seems more prominent in this shot, maybe a title "the yellow lines"
Jide Alakija: Maybe....good point. Thanks Dotun.
  • Yeni
  • 8 Jun 2007, 01:54
are you sure asiko didnot take this.....heehee...lol nice done...
Jide Alakija: Now why would he do such a thing? He hasn't got a fish eye lens...(yet). wink
  • Suby
  • MK, United Kingdom
  • 8 Jun 2007, 09:19

Cool shot,

Jide Alakija: Erm....Funke is one of the many friends I have....you want to meet her? wink
  • Jon
  • UK
  • 8 Jun 2007, 09:31
I love the way you've used the yellow grid, the perspective/distortion is great and the sky is fab. Really like this.
Jide Alakija: Thanks Jon.
  • Josef
  • Sweden
  • 8 Jun 2007, 10:10
Hi! Great, great shot. I love these street-corner shot, I've seen others do them too. What lens did you use for this? I'm in the market for a wide-angle, but I have no clue what to get..
Jide Alakija: I used a Canon 17-40mm F4, re: wide angle lens what camera are you using? how wide do you want? Remember if you are using a 30D or 400D you wouldn't get the same effect as this one as those camera's aren't full frame cameras.
Very nice..the composition is also great. Weren't u scared u'd get hit by a car? Were u kneeling...how'd u do this?
Jide Alakija: I wasn't on the road, the lens distortion makes it look like I was on the road but I was at the edge of the Jbox which was on the curb. grin
I'm the only one who seems to be confused...oh well
Jide Alakija: What you confused about woman!!!!!
  • incubus
  • 8 Jun 2007, 14:49
aha! The kija man has found himself a bird! or am i just yarning dust? KOOL SHOOOOOOOOOOT!
Jide Alakija: Ahhh!!! Not like that O!
woww...really nice shot. I tried this when I was in Canada but its nothing close to this nice shot. great work!
Jide Alakija: Thanks Sade, share your shot please....would love to see some more versions of it.
  • alex
  • 8 Jun 2007, 17:43
very much a likey for me, jide. this is awesome. love the lines that just draw your eye to the building, which totally pops out for me. and the sky is indeed very moody and ominous. love it!
Jide Alakija: Thanks alex, really appreciate your comment.
  • Gary
  • 8 Jun 2007, 18:01
nice use of the lines to lead us into this dramatic scene
Jide Alakija: Dramatic is the word, thanks Gary.
  • Leye G
  • 8 Jun 2007, 19:25
I like This
Jide Alakija: This got you to comment? Then it must have been a really good shot then. Thanks.
Great perspective. I like how the markings on the road mimic the angle of the building.
WOW, I have not seen these old style buses in ages! And let's do not exagerate, weather is not so bad in London after all! wink Great composition, I have never seen these yellow signs in this way, perspective changes everything!
A brilliantly timed composition. Nice.
  • Aibee Abidoye
  • 9 Jun 2007, 08:09
WOW. Amazing. She's right, typical London weather. Personally, i also get this cold, judgment day, eerie feeling. Almost like someone is puppeteering the sky to send a STRONG message to the sinful souls. lol. I know, dramatic. Either way, I love the way the colors pop out (the yellow and the red) against the ashy sky. I love the sharp tone and the angle that just centers the building in an inviting way. It draws you in. I'm most amazed by the sky though.... Love it, Love it!
  • Yeni
  • 11 Jun 2007, 19:56
o.k o.k it just looks like a typical Asiko shot thats all...don't bite a brothers head off..geez..heehee.....lol
  • Chad
  • 7 Jul 2007, 12:32
Superb. Your photographs really do appeal to me. I like a little quirkyness. The bending image also brings out the saying that the camera never lies. The camera in this case is not lying about its own abilities.

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