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08 May 2007 2,958 views
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photoblog image Aké : The Nobel Critic
Aké : The Nobel Critic|

Aké : The Nobel Critic

First of all, special thanks to Helen, for the opportunity of shooting this Nobel Laureate. I don't know how it would have been possible without your help.

I really don't know what to say about this one, he's a really popular 'character'.

I'm told that a special scene is only sealed when you have someone special to share that special moment it with. I can only wonder if I had that special moment when I took this shot, was that special person there?

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  • Meme
  • 8 May 2007, 00:05
Wow...it's a great shot, however, I can't tell if his eyes are looking into the camera or not. I do like how you've captured him though, he looks really pensive. How did you get him to feel comfortable enough with you to get this shot? I can just imagine the conversation you'd have had with him! Oh, to be a fly on that wall....
Jide Alakija: Thanks meme. Well if you look closely you can see he's looking at me. But not very well on the blog you can. He was talking to Helen while I waited for the right moment, he's quite an interesting 'character', definitely one of the good guys.
Now that is a wonderful portrait, My Man!
Jide Alakija: Thanks Dave. Really appreciate your comments.
  • jummy
  • London
  • 8 May 2007, 00:09
super-fine work with light and darkness, son.

ps - is soyinka not special enough for you?! hissss
Jide Alakija: LOL....he sure was special, but I don't know him that well and neither does he know me. In fact I think he may have forgotten about me by now.
  • Yeni
  • 8 May 2007, 00:23
I just knew it you will be putting this up....thanks for the help today
Jide Alakija: My pleasure....hope you all had fun after I left.
  • mal
  • 8 May 2007, 00:37
You know that I like your work! But this is another level! Atmosphere, mood, beautiful lighting! Perfect! mal
Jide Alakija: Thanks Mal.
You are moving in some serious circles here. Excellent
Apart from what I told you on the phone....lovely work!
  • Stan
  • Naija
  • 8 May 2007, 02:04
Think you should have pulled more detail out of the shadows...
  • aisha
  • 8 May 2007, 02:10
i think this is one of the best pictures i have seen in a while, well done ...it is indeed a great oppourtunity to shoot a person like that, and to be able to capture him in that mood, u must be a true photographer to have an eye for that,its deep and it makes u want to know more....i love it!
  • Stan
  • Naija
  • 8 May 2007, 02:10
Okay to be more specific, the lighting as it is makes the focal point of the shot his hair. Not sure about that.... Serious lack of face detail as well.
This is a great portrait! You reduced him to basically two characteristics, the glasses and the hair, but the shot is full of warmth and atmosphere. Very impressive!
  • Petra
  • 8 May 2007, 06:14
This is fantastic Jide...
the last line of your text made me think...
Jide u have done us photographers proud with this atmospheric and awesome black &white, now there is a great picture of Wole SOyinka
We all knew you were good Jide but this is on another level entirely. This shot is a cross between the Albert Einstein shot and the PD James one. Very well done, did you manage to have a conversation or was it all Helen ?
A very, very fine portrait. Jide, I do wish though the lampshade wasn't emerging from his incredible hair! Sorry to put a dampener on all the fantastic comments here but once my eye caught it, it goes there every time. I suspect a little detail has been lost uploading too. Sorry!
  • Suby
  • Milton Keynes, UK
  • 8 May 2007, 09:12
For me an absolutely awesome awesomey lit and perfect shot. You deserve this my man, A treasured "I LIKEY" flies your way from the Subster. The Subster Duffs his virtual hat to you Sir Alakija for this museum peice.

  • Andy L
  • Guisborough
  • 8 May 2007, 09:38
Brilliant shot as everybody says. However I'm with pixelpixie on this, in that the lamp shade behind really draws my eye to it, unfortunately.
  • Josef
  • Sweden
  • 8 May 2007, 10:17
Very nice. Love the tones and lighting.. it was perfect this dark.
Impressive , totally jealous tongue, curious to know what being around him felt like!
I wish I could agree with the crowd, but I find it too dark. My attention is drawn to his hair. I can tell that this would have been a very powerful image for me if I could just see more of his facial features, more specifically his eyes.
  • Jamey
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 8 May 2007, 14:26
Amazing. Great portrait.
  • Gary
  • 8 May 2007, 15:25
he has a presence, like an Einstein
  • Ebewn
  • 8 May 2007, 16:09
yaaaay/.....fantastic shot!! as a new member of the team...or have I been fired?
  • milou
  • sunny Southampton, UK
  • 8 May 2007, 18:28
Gorgeous in terms of lighting and framing. Good hair action too.
  • Ola
  • 8 May 2007, 18:36
To be honest this picture is a deep picture. Not only is this Noble Soyinka a deep guy, but this picture is deep. I like dark feature of the picture but also you can actually see the individual in the picture. Lovely shot. Captures everything. I love it.
  • chunter
  • Salisbury, Wiltshire. UK
  • 8 May 2007, 20:14
What makes this for me - the think that makes the whole thing plausible, is the light on the rim of the left lens and the bit of visible beard. Wonderful.

Are you sure it's not Albert Einstein?
  • chiara
  • Milan
  • 8 May 2007, 20:35
Really beautiful!!!!!
  • Ellie
  • 8 May 2007, 23:48
I really like the way his character is emerging from the dark shadows.

I wonder if the cone at the top of the picture could be removed?
  • Suby
  • UK, Milton Keynes
  • 9 May 2007, 01:01
Looking at this image again, you deserve another I LIKEY Sir Alakija for this awesome awesome flawless image. Dang I am so jealous it is not mine smile
  • anon
  • 9 May 2007, 01:54
beautiful pic!
  • Tosin
  • 9 May 2007, 10:22
This shot is amazing. Is that who i think it is!!! Nice one jide!
  • Yinka 'Serrano
  • UK
  • 9 May 2007, 13:19
Now..this is my guy anyday!
I'm a fan!

thanks Jide..made my day!
I have always admired Soyinka's cerebral prowess and literary skills.I respect his 'wise hair'and sage-like mien.I like the shadow and contrasts on his face: a lighted right side and the shadowed let side.
  • Alaye Scoro
  • 9 May 2007, 23:10
Dude, if your comment about this pic with regards to a special person in anyway refers to a babe, i demand to be kept fully abreast of all developments.
This picture evokes speechlessness. Congrats
Very nice work, very very nice!
This is an incredibleimage. Thank you for sharing.
  • Monotony
  • 10 May 2007, 05:54
I really want to meet him too! Photo captures such a different aspect of his personality. Or rather we now have the opportunity to view him from another perspective. This is great!
Very, very nice Jide, but probably a tad bit more light especially around the face, I think would have made it even better.
Wow. Unbelievable....Soyinka is my hero! Well done, great shot.
  • Jide Ibitoye
  • 10 May 2007, 13:07
I 'll have to agree that what you have done (either pre or post-shot) with the light on his left lens and the bit of beard coming through under that marks as the defining character of this piece. Dude tell me som'n: how did you achieve that? some dodging & burning? Nice work.
  • Daniel
  • Toronto
  • 10 May 2007, 16:58
Great portrait. Love the b&w.
  • Dembi
  • 11 May 2007, 03:31
I Love this picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr Alakija........Kudos to you.... =)
  • Didyimage
  • 12 May 2007, 10:23
I see the time with this man meant a lot to you and it produces a gem. The cool work you did with the lighting in his amazing hair is a big thumbs up.
very nice
I see the time with this man meant a lot to you and it produces a gem. The cool work you did with the lighting in his amazing hair is a big thumbs up.
  • Funmi
  • 14 May 2007, 18:09
very nice...
  • Aibee
  • 15 May 2007, 03:12
Okay. THE Great Soyinka. I think this photo is fantastic. I love the way you captured his hair.... His portrait is reminiscent of wisdom that can only be gotten from a certain type of experience. I wish i could see a little more of the right part of his face... a little more light so that he is in not in complete darkness. He does look somewhat mysterious but i think the black also makes him a little unapproachable. If this is what you were going for... you hit the nail right on its head. Either way, I really love it. grin Great job
  • Dembi
  • 16 May 2007, 01:14
I am in love with this man......
Wow...is what came out of my mouth as I came upon this image. Clicking away and this one stopped me. Stunning! This one definitely stands out...can see why you've received so many comments. 1st class, Jide. Keep doing those portraits.
I can't believe I missed this...well done for capturing the essence of Soyinka...great shot...subtle yet strong!
  • Kofa
  • 3 Jun 2007, 08:17
A prominent picture of a prominent man, this picture sets you apart. You belong to the top.
Jide Alakija: WOW! Kofa, thanks if you say so, I'm really flattered and as we say in Nigeria, we thank God.
  • truth
  • USA
  • 13 Jun 2007, 04:22
The hair and glasses effect (oh including the hand-on-the-mouth position) depict his wisdom and thoughtfulness that haven't tarnished with age.

He definitely represents the warm hearts and the racing minds of most Nigerians.
This is fabulous shot. it goes to show that not everything needs to be illuminated. Mr. Shoyinka is an enigma where exposing him would be a disservice. Just enough lighting to tell how he is. This captured beautifully. Great work Alakija! Oh, by the way, I know a friend of yours and he speaks very highly of you here in the States.
Jide, i am absolutely feeling this shot, probably the finest shot i have seen of Mr Wole Soyinka to date...Keep up the good work...

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