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17 Apr 2007 1,707 views
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photoblog image Fashion test #2
Fashion test #2|

Fashion test #2

Another fashion type shot I was trying. This is someone who has not featured on my blog before but has the looks of Janet Jackson. You'll see in another shot which is in the queue why I say so. I am not to sure I put the lights in the right place on this one but I'll let you make that judgement yourselves.

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The light looks fine to me but I'll let Patrick comment on that one. Janet Jackson ? ok I'll wait for the next one. I see she wears a watch uuummm .
  • Motun
  • 17 Apr 2007, 00:12
yay i'm first.lol. nice shot! love the colours!
hey sir you made me change my photo for today.
You did her justice. Nice
Im not liking this im afraid. "Looks of janet jackson"?? nah!

1 her right eye is open

2 the gold thing on her eyelids looks heavy and has a plastered look

3 the lipstick,especially the upper lip looks funny, the lower lip has a slight smudge and it looks like the left corner of her mouth has no lipstick

the make up on the last shot (Vicki) was alot more balanced.

I think her lips remind me a little bit of Kylie Minogue/Sheryl Crow
The skins tones are good and I hope you take my critique very well. I have some issues with this shot, the way her hands are grabbing her neck look confusing, I dont think it pulled off the pose pretty well, what exactly is she really trying to portray? This could have probably worked better in landscape, so by putting her to the left of the frame her pose could have worked better. The fact that her head is close to the upper frame leaves this shot looking weird. I know you said this is a test shot, but if this was to make to desk of fashion pro photographers, I am almost certain this will not do to well.
Maybe its the make-up..I like the shot but theres just something that doesn't seem right.
NIce work. All the colors go well together!
To me the hands look more prominent than the face. May be its due to the lighting?
I like the picture ..The hands comments from others has a bit of credence .. but I like.
something isnt quite adding up for me, not sure why...that said, I love her lipstick...
  • Young Padwan
  • 17 Apr 2007, 15:36
Jedi Master,

Reading through all these comments, I definitely see where the tough love approach comes from. I actually like the dreamy/surreal look you seemed to be going for, nice approach. The concept behind the contrast her lipstick provided was fabulous, however I think the gold shimmy shimmy on her eyelids threw it all off.

Since you are always looking for a new challenge I have one for you: I think your challenge in this shot should have been to make the pic great inspite of the less than excellent makeup on the subject. I have great faith in you O Jedi Master!

p.s. - i'd like to see what this shot would look like with everything except her lips in b&w
Jide Alakija: All these anonymous commentators!!!!

Lovely comments. I like your response.

Regarding doing the selective saturation, phat chance...I hate them!!!
all these people are boring me with their commnents zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. cool shot Jide. the funny thing is this can be seen in a magazine
  • Suby
  • Milton Keynes, UK
  • 17 Apr 2007, 18:12
Been enjoying the banter on this image all day smile

Jide do selective colour, that will be the day lol

Image rocks for me, not perfect but what could I have done better? probably nothing apart from take a totally different shot and I guess I should know that the Alakija Fella has captured this just as he wants it. I know you always say fashion images is not something that rings your bell, and as I always say, I await the time you will join me in the fashion photography(dark) side of things cause I know you will be awesome.

The only thing that I don't like in this image is actually the "fashion" that top is diffenitely a no no smile Either it should be less prominent or more prominent as it is but also used to sell the shot which unfortunately it doesn't here.

Image still rocks in my books

Love the shot. Love your experimenting. You are a very gifted photographer and a source of inspiration. I do believe that we should do what we are good at, and every once in a while we should experiment, after all all photographers know that without experimentation we get nowhere. My post today is definitely an experiment :d. I like yours better smile (gee, what a honest guy I am smile)

As with regard to the light, I think it is a little bit too much from under the model, I find that always dangerous as it makes for the (in)famous scary ghost character of a kid with a flashlight under it's chin. No yours is not that bad, but since you yourself are in doubt about the lighting... smile in general "the book" dictates that fashion should get soft lighting from 45 degrees above the model and equal lighting from beneath, it that way you get all the attention to the make up and the model.

that said that is according to "the book" now to end this all, I like your experiment
Jide Alakija: WOW! Patrick thanks. I didn't know that about the lighting, dude I'm learning, all I did here was take the shot I didn't really do too much directing. I'm not that great with poses. I'm learning from you too. grin
  • chunter
  • Salisbury, Wiltshire. UK
  • 17 Apr 2007, 21:27
Hi Jide, sorry I've not been around your blog for a while. That's my loss.

The first thing that struck me with this shot when I opened it was the high quality of reproduction. Both the pixel dimensions and the fact that it was taken at ISO 50 are clearly contributory factors.

Patrick's spot on with the lighting comment; generally lighting on human features comes from above, so stronger lighting from beneath looks odd to us. This one didn't immediately strike me as too strongly bottom lit though, but her forehead receding into shadow shows that there is a little more from below than above. Often portrait photographers will use a hair light, that is, a fairly small concentrated light directly above pointing down on top of the head. This would even up this particular setup.

At the risk of sending àsìkò into a severe state of narcolepsy, the strongest comment I have is to do with the lovely model's hands. One or two have mentioned what's wrong, namely that they are too prominent. To put that right I envisage straightening the fingers and holding the side of her face. This would give us more of an edge view of the hands and not the width of them.

Hope this helps, Jide. (And wake àsìkò up, would you!)
wow, that's one great shot man! i love the makeup, the light and her pose&expression... cool shot!!

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