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02 Oct 2006 2,096 views
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photoblog image Sarah #4
Sarah #4|

Sarah #4

Finally I've managed to process a photograph that I can say I'm very happy with and is of the Alakija style. Up until now I've been struggling to produce a photograph that I would like attributed to me. I haven't been as satisfied with a portait as much as I have been with this one. I hope I'll be able to produce more of these in the future.

If you don't understand what I'm talking about you'll soon understand sooner or later what I mean.

Anyway enjoy another portrait of Sarah.

comments (46)

  • Mal
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 2 Oct 2006, 00:05
Happy birthday Jide. Jep, this sure has the jide factor, top marks. Mal
  • Meme
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 2 Oct 2006, 00:14
She looks sooo different in this shot....beautiful image!
nice expressive pic!
  • Suby
  • Milton Keynes, UK
  • 2 Oct 2006, 00:16
Now I see your portraits starting to come to life. Liking this. Superb PP on this shot. Very impressed I am.

Happy Birthday
  • Elsie
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 2 Oct 2006, 00:23
Thats a beautiful shot.
Happy Birthday Jide..Hope you have a lovely day and a great year ahead.
  • deji77
  • United Kingdom
  • 2 Oct 2006, 00:24
Happy Birthday bro!
A really do like this, but her skin is looking kinda plastiky.
Jide Alakija: I was soooooo waiting for your comment on the skin or at least the first person to point that out...that's the style mate.
  • Adura
  • London
  • 2 Oct 2006, 00:26
Happy Birthday!!!
  • nev
  • Australia
  • 2 Oct 2006, 00:34
love the reflections in the glass. i feel like the eyes are just a touch too white (that could be my monitor) but very nice treatment jide. Happy birthday.
  • Mr Skee
  • United Kingdom
  • 2 Oct 2006, 01:48
Happy birthday...Happy birthday...Happy birthday...

Nice composition however the models skin tones now look very plastic, not one of my fav shots of this beautiful lassy smile
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you have a blast.
Nice composition - like the reflection.
She looks more like an illustration or photopainting.
Jide this is a nice one..I love the expression on her face.
hey jide,

this is a very nice shot. you captured sarah in a most beautiful pose. i love her expression and the blur of the trees and light in the windows. jide, you should be really proud of this shot...it is awesome.
  • Samarth
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 2 Oct 2006, 06:23
Beautiful shot dude...love the contrast of her rich skin tone against the lightly desaturated surroundings...no rating today man...dont think its fair that i judge u one ur birthday....Happy Birthday!
lovely shot, digging the framing
very nice !!!!!!
  • chunter
  • Salisbury, Wiltshire. UK
  • 2 Oct 2006, 08:05
Nice car - looks like a VW Bug.

Great portrait too, but then you already know this. I wonder though if there isn't slightly too much processing? The skin is a little too perfect, to the point where it looks processed.
Jide Alakija: I actually deliberatly did teh over processing on the skin. The intention is to develop a plastic look. I think the effect will stand out once I've done quite a few.
Happy Birthday Jide..Sweet portrait-you like the sort of smooth look dont you? I love the reflection in the car window and her expression..
Another classy shot Jide, well done.
  • E Etomi
  • Nigeria
  • 2 Oct 2006, 09:43
Looks almost manga like. HAPPYYYY BIRTHHDAY!
  • marc
  • south africa
  • 2 Oct 2006, 11:19
happy birthday, but she looks a bit too plastic to my liking...the pp is well done , so if this was the effect you were after, well done
  • Azhar
  • India
  • 2 Oct 2006, 11:35
Other than yet ANOTHER stonking shot,
Now does that qualify me for a free print grin
Another year to look ahead to, to put us all to shame on how crappy our photos are compared to yours! Cheers good man!
  • Barb
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 2 Oct 2006, 12:05
Happy birthday Jide...you're just FEW days but many years younger than me..and just look at all you've achieved, including your tax self assessment smile. Have a great day and take it easy. God bless. B
  • donchichi
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 2 Oct 2006, 12:50
Great Potrait Jide!
Happy Birthday!!!
  • Leye
  • Milan
  • 2 Oct 2006, 13:25
The Proffessor is a year Older..Happy Birthday Sir. I tip my Hat to you.
  • Laurie
  • United States
  • 2 Oct 2006, 14:11
Happy Birthday!

This is lovely...but...just slightly too processed looking. Her skin doesn't look believable. The tones and the smoothness remind me of a doll. It's lacking the natural glow that skin should have.
  • johnnyg
  • United Kingdom
  • 2 Oct 2006, 14:58
As much as I hate PP I gotta say I love this. Even with the skin tones each section of the frame has a life of it's own. Happy Birthday bro, it's my moms birthday as well so this is a day for the blessed.
  • Hillary
  • United States
  • 2 Oct 2006, 16:05
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Superb portrait and a very Happy Birthday!!
This is wonderful.. how do you control the light so well? this is great?
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  • David Lawrence
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 2 Oct 2006, 19:50
Superb lighting makes this a successful photo. Well done (and Happy Birthday).
  • BeakerSt
  • Shutterchance
  • 2 Oct 2006, 22:45
Happy Birthday from me Jide
  • wale
  • United Kingdom
  • 2 Oct 2006, 23:31
Hi there Jide. Happy irthday!!! When was it? Just want to bring to your notice, maybe you've noticed anyway, Someone has been spamming the blog. I can see it is Hilary from China then from USA on your page while it is britney on my page. Haven't clicked on any of the links cos they look dodgy and she or he is obviously not a shutterchance person.

  • wale
  • United Kingdom
  • 2 Oct 2006, 23:32
I like it a lot. Nice picture. Pretty lady. I just think she's losing some shadow on the left side almost making her forehead a bit too wide if you know what i mean. cheers
  • manju
  • Singapore
  • 3 Oct 2006, 08:26
Belated Birthday, dude ! Beautiful image !
  • atunbi
  • United Kingdom
  • 4 Oct 2006, 01:11
jesu omo iya mary c photo.
  • Sidney
  • Philippines
  • 7 Oct 2006, 14:29
Happy birthday !

Wonderful picture! Wow!
  • BBK
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 7 Oct 2006, 21:11
Just to add my birthday greetings. Happy Birthday Mr Alakija. Your joy will not be delayed in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.
Wow ... stunning, nothing less!!....
Selective desaturation works great on this one... Expressive!
ask sarah for a portrait session she is lovely.
Soft, gentle, lowlight but impressive. Her face and her angle, captivating amidst this setting. A good style and very promoting sensually, of your subject.
  • tula
  • 14 Jan 2007, 20:08
Quite impressed with your work, its nice to see a 'homeboy' coming up with such creative material. I particularly love tihs piece or its potential, i wished she wasnt as highly retouched, subtle is the key, reality has been lost to her face, but i'm sure your the kind of artist who keeps going back to their work. finding ways to improve it. God bless and keep up the good work
Jide Alakija: Thanks Tula, nice of you to visit and I hope you'll keep coming back to the site.

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