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16 Aug 2006 1,865 views
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photoblog image Carnival 2005 #1
Carnival 2005 #1|

Carnival 2005 #1

This is the first in the Colours of the Carnival series I'll be posting over the next few days. I took these during the Notting Hill Carnival of 2005 when Tosin was participating as one of the dancers in the Paraiso School of Samba. I was lucky to get the opportunity to wor with some Pro photographers that day as one of the Press photographers. Again I wasn't very clued up with my equipment at the time and as a result the shots you'll be seeing wouldn't be that spectacular compositionwise.

I've decided to process these in a way that shows the displays the celebrations the Carnival that year brought to London, all the shots are very colourful. I hope you enjoy them. You might even get to see a shot of Tosin!

comments (28)

yup...we'll be there this year as well! Nice shot
Jide Alakija: I'm not sure I'll be there this year. We'll see.
  • worshipper
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 16 Aug 2006, 00:10
nice. can't w8 2 c a shot of Miss T tho...
Jide Alakija: Me too. I'm still looking for a suitable shot for her.
  • Foluso
  • United States
  • 16 Aug 2006, 00:27
Nice, colorful shot.
Jide Alakija: Glad you like the colour. It took me sometime to get it to look like this.
  • deji77
  • UK
  • 16 Aug 2006, 01:04
Love the colours.
I need HELP with colours :'(
Jide Alakija: It depends on what you like. Remember Primary colours and complimentary colours? Well that's all I do when I process my images. Here we have red, yellow and blue! Oh and a bit of green and that's it. The rest aren't highlighted.
  • adebanji
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • 16 Aug 2006, 01:17
Nice picture.let me digress a bit
there are 2 carnivals worth seeing
1) Rio
2)trinidad and tobago carnival.
Once you see a trini carnival,notting Hill will look like child's play.
Trini carnival is a season,which climaxes on the last 2 days before ash wednesday.The season starts on boxing day.There are weeks of fetes,shows,competitions etc.Its not just about wearing a costume.
J'ouvert,and the parades come at the very end.
Canival season is quite a charged atmosphere.I prefer it to chrismas. There is nothing quite like it.
Jide Alakija: How much are ticket to T&T? I might just take you up on that offer. Seriously!
  • Sidney
  • Philippines
  • 16 Aug 2006, 04:53
Indeed, very colorful... and hot ;-) !
Jide Alakija: I decided to present some more "Sidney" type work. Thanks.
  • Laurie
  • United States
  • 16 Aug 2006, 05:20
Colorful indeed! Loioks like a lot of fun, reminds me of Mardis Gras a bit.
Jide Alakija: More colour comments! Wow! Thanks Laurie.
  • Mia
  • the US of A
  • 16 Aug 2006, 05:37
I like how she's centered in this shot, and the colours are amazing smile Carnival series shots are always fun to capture.
Jide Alakija: "HE" it's not a she and thanks
hey jide,

really nice capture of the woman. i love the details of her outfit.
Jide Alakija: thanks Nichole, just to let you know the figure in yellow is NOT a lady.
Love how the colors came out in the pic..nice shot
Jide Alakija: The number of colour compliments I've recieved today is quite remarkable on it's own. Thanks
  • sk
  • UK
  • 16 Aug 2006, 06:14
nice colourful shot
Jide Alakija: Thanks.
  • e etomi
  • Nigeria
  • 16 Aug 2006, 06:54
Great work on the colours Jide..I think I would have ppd it more to look like it was a hot day. And these ladies must have great self esteem! Which is great smile
Jide Alakija: Not sure how you would make it look hotter! Open to ideas.

Also the figure in the yellow is NOT a lady wink
  • Veloran
  • Singapore
  • 16 Aug 2006, 09:15
Nice shot, love the colours... But about your framing, I just have this feeling that the subject is too small in the frame to be like a portrait, and it's too focused one on subject to be a crowd shot. I think I'd like this shot more if you moved closer and filled the frame with the dancer.
Jide Alakija: I totally agree with you on the framing issue. As I said in the caption I didn't think much when I shot it. I would have cropped it but I wanted to show the lady in the green in this one. Thanks for the comment Veloran.
  • incubus
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 16 Aug 2006, 10:19
yea i thot what a muscular woman she is!!! LOL!! but yea its a man!! AH WELL!!! NOT FAIR THAT SOME MEN SHOULD HAVE BETTER BODIES THAN US LADIES!!! I MEAN!! IT's JUST NOT FAIR!!! :'(
Jide Alakija: It's funny Tosin's Sister (Dami) said the same thing. Heehee!
  • Suby
  • Milton Keynes, Great Britain (UK)
  • 16 Aug 2006, 11:01
I actually stopped going to carnival a few years ago, started getting to rough for my liking and I am just a coward, I may actually decide to venture out this year (just cause I want the images) but not sure yet, have to try and prepare my fragile heart for it(or I can be a chicken & jst go for the Sunday one) tongue

My only issue with this might probably be with the framing, but I guess since you have left it this way you may have wanted to showclass the background.

Good one.
Got the new gear yet?
Jide Alakija: You guessed it right Suby. I did.
  • The Maven
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 16 Aug 2006, 11:06
Looks like you had excellent weather on that day. Or did you do something to the sky?
Jide Alakija: I did a lot with this pic, on his body, the sky and even the road they are walking on.
  • micki
  • United States
  • 16 Aug 2006, 11:15
Yes, you'd better be in good shape to wear one of those outfits! Love the festive atmosphere you captured!
Jide Alakija: Another thing that Tosin's sister said too.
  • petra
  • Netherlands
  • 16 Aug 2006, 12:01
agree with Veloran......maybe if you've moved closer as veloran suggested it would be more obvious that she is a he? smile smile
It is a happy photo!!
Jide Alakija: I cropped it to show just the guy/dancer but I lost a bit of life doing that. You have to remember this is a journalist piece and not a picture to be put on the wall, so I wasn't bothered about things around him.
  • Yẹni
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 16 Aug 2006, 12:15
someone is geting ready for this years carnival?hey hey...
Jide Alakija: I would love to be one of the press photographers in this years carnival, not sure if I'll do it this year, you fancy joining me if I decide to do it?
A wonderful shot, I dream about to be there with my Canon :-(
Bravo once again !!
Jide Alakija: Thanks.
  • Barbara
  • Russia
  • 16 Aug 2006, 16:19
Ha! Good one..I thought I would point out that didn't look like a woman (too too toned)..but I see that's been discussed already..
Jide Alakija: Sharp eyes. Nice one. Thanks.
  • Ari
  • England (UK)
  • 16 Aug 2006, 17:06
The colours are lovely..really sharp. I love that.Not crazy about the subject. The real beauty for me is all that detail in the background...and expecially that lovely blue sky.
Jide Alakija: Glad you like it.
Look at that sky!
Jide Alakija: I know....it's amazing.
  • Aaron
  • United States
  • 16 Aug 2006, 18:35
Ooooo La LA. Nothing like this in Duluth. Nice capture.
Jide Alakija: Duluth? Thanks Aaron.
  • Jon
  • United Kingdom
  • 16 Aug 2006, 19:32
Lovely, vibrant colours. Nice shot.
Jide Alakija: Thanks Jon.
  • jt
  • United States
  • 16 Aug 2006, 20:39
Great color! I can't wait to see more of the series.
Jide Alakija: Cool...I hope you like tomorrows then. It's my favourite so far though I haven't processed the others yet. We'll see.
  • wale
  • United Kingdom
  • 17 Aug 2006, 02:18
She's a he?????smile)
  • Jamey
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 25 Aug 2006, 03:11
Really like this one. Everything works properly together somehow.

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