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11 Aug 2006 1,970 views
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photoblog image Eye on the setting sun
Eye on the setting sun|

Eye on the setting sun

Does the text/description help at all?

This is a shot from the archives. Due to popular demand I've decided to put up a very very colourful image.

A scene from the Jubilee Bridge between Charing Cross and Waterloo. I haven't much to say here else to say here other than the fact that this scene was caught on my way home from on a very cold winter evening again I didn't have a tripod so it's not really sharp as I hand held the camera against a wind vibrating bridge. I think I'm going to post something different tomorrow. I'm bored of Landscapes for a day now.

Does the text I write about my images help, detract or dilute my work? Would you rather I said nothing about my images? Honest opinions please.

On another note. I've started another photoblog on Shutterchance called the Street Phone Photoblog. In this one I have decided to put up shots of things I encounter on a daily basis. The images would not be anything artistic but take it as a daily journal into the life of a photographer. You'll see images that you would not normally see due to the limitations of carrying a huge DSLR. Wish me luck. Check it out.

Also as part of the Week of Peace there is a FREE
Peace Gala show which promises to be really good. Check out the PDF for details.

comments (47)

  • Suby
  • Milton Keynes, UK
  • 11 Aug 2006, 00:03
I've seen this before haven't I? Or something similar.

Jide Alakija: Really? Where? I've never put this up before.
yaaaaaaaaaay am the first!!

WOOOOOOOOWWWWW....i'm speechless...this is amazing!

the colours....mehn send me this postcard anyday!!! absolutely stunning shot!!
Jide Alakija: Thanks Obi Wan!
gosh, i wasnt the first, Suby darn you!
Jide Alakija: he sure did.
  • Stan
  • Mexico
  • 11 Aug 2006, 00:08
Not convinced that the horizontal lines help the image at all. I fact i'd go so far as to say they ruin what could have been a great landscape shot. Like the colours though....even if their not very believable for London.
Jide Alakija: Well unless I shoot another sunset of this seen which I've done before I don't see why I can't vary it a bit. Besides I think this shot works very well with the horizontal lines because it tells you something about where I shot it, and actually the horizontal lines are in focus being the subject of the shot.
  • rooksmeister
  • a free night at national theatre
  • 11 Aug 2006, 00:15
totally feel we're connected right now...saw this view a few hours and was thinking....hmm lovely pic it wld make ....and here it is...and looking 80% flawless....

but seriously you and me both jide landscape boredscape...[see the "throw tomatoes at me" thing i did there?]

lets roll...

obi wan..your machine awaits..
Jide Alakija: Really deep. I hope you had fun. What did you go see?
  • Nkechi
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 11 Aug 2006, 00:36
I love the shot. I would love to have seen it without the horizontal lines but I don't think that they detract from the picture. In fact, I think they stop it from being your boring, everyday landscape shot! The colours are amazing ... a purple sky with the burnt orange of the sunset. Would never have thought they'd go together, but I think the silver of the horizontal bars pulls it all together.

(Hope you're feeling better smile We can sort out a day for next week, as I seem to have suffered a bit of a relapse since Wednesday)
Jide Alakija: Oh well maybe next time I'm around there I'll take another shot without the lines. Again I do love the lines. Feeling a lot better thanks. grin

I hope you are feeling better too.
The colours are stunning!
Jide Alakija: Thanks Fokus.
This is the best pic I've seen so far. It is MAGICAL. It looks like the view of a baby from a wheely(abi, what is it called?) and I'm trying to communicate to my mother the fact that I need to see this beautiful view clearly since I can't speak. Once again, WOW!
Jide Alakija: Thanks Sola, that's very imaginative of you and it's called a "Buggy"
i have seen this before but without horizontal metal material in the front.
amazing colors! the material in front give more unique sense to this picture.
great shot! i love it!
Jide Alakija: Well this is another viewpoint, not the same image. The ones you saw were taken in the Summer, this was taken in the winter.

  • Dammie
  • United States
  • 11 Aug 2006, 04:05
Magic is the word.....Is that a shooting star?!?...
Jide Alakija: Shooting star. No it's a plane.
hey jide,

i actually really like the motion of the vibration of the bridge. the colors are brilliant, and the view, through the slots is terrific.

i love the commentary that goes along with the shots. i think it provides the viewer with an inside perspective into your thoughts. while the shot allows the viewer to experience the landscape, portrait, etc., the commentary provides the viewer with a background/history that allows the shot to carry more meaning. please do not stop writing commentary to your shots.
Jide Alakija: Thanks nicole. It's always nice to hear your opinions and thoughts. I think the comments are part of the shot for me too. I write them in blog format as this is what the site it about.

Thanks again.
  • sk
  • UK
  • 11 Aug 2006, 05:55
dude this is tight, well done, so well PP with the colours
Jide Alakija: What are you doing up so early? Thanks dude.
  • Jon
  • United Kingdom
  • 11 Aug 2006, 06:54
Inventive composition. The colours are beautful.
Jide Alakija: Thanks Jon.
  • Samarth
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 11 Aug 2006, 07:39
Firstly, keep the tex. It's always good to know the story behind the shot..
Secondly, LOVING the shot...I've taken countless pics of the Eye when I was in the City, never thought of taking it from such an angle.....sky is brilliant and colours are vibrant....8.75/10 from me.
I, personally love landscapes but yes, I definitely want to see you branch out...maybe a few people shots for that 9/10?
Jide Alakija: 0.25 more....and I would have been there. Thanks Samarth.
  • debola
  • Nigeria
  • 11 Aug 2006, 08:02
great stuff....

like how you managed to get different tones btw the lines
  • the enforcer
  • from the deep
  • 11 Aug 2006, 08:30
ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! this is annoying, I can't slap U bcos U have a nice shot up, oh well theres always tomorrow.
Jide Alakija: May I ask if you make it a job to go round looking for photobloggers to intimidate?
  • Jonathan
  • United Kingdom
  • 11 Aug 2006, 09:34
The bars should be a distraction but they are not and it works really well, and that sky... just beautiful.
  • BeakerSt
  • Shutterchance
  • 11 Aug 2006, 09:51
Beautiful stuff Jide, top work.
  • incubus
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 11 Aug 2006, 09:59
LOL!!! evry 1 is killin me with their comments men!! LOL!!!! Jide u really inspire people sha... no doubt!!
  • E Etomi
  • Nigeria
  • 11 Aug 2006, 10:11
Amazing colours. Your text actually helps with the pics, I hate it when I see 'no comment'.
  • micki
  • United States
  • 11 Aug 2006, 10:50
Love, love, love!! Of course, it's the colors, the colors are beautiful!!
  • Ari
  • England (UK)
  • 11 Aug 2006, 11:01
Oh wow. This is just so beautiful...The colours are beautiful and they blend so well...I am so impressed right now. I like the bars, the shot would still be lovely without them, but they add to its uniqueness. One of my absolute favourites from you. Thanks..
  • Ari
  • England (UK)
  • 11 Aug 2006, 11:05
This is so lovely. One of the best youve put up in my humble opinion, and im not just saying that because I requested it smile Thank you. The Colours are BEAUTIFUL!!!
  • Dammie
  • United States
  • 11 Aug 2006, 12:22
That's a weird plane.
  • Azhar
  • India
  • 11 Aug 2006, 14:11
Simply frickingly awesome,
A GREAT GREAT GREAT SHOT! one of your best.
  • Azhar
  • India
  • 11 Aug 2006, 14:11
Ah text accompanying your images...well really your choice, i dont mind anything, but if you want people to know whose behind the lens then keep writing, if you want them to only appreciate the photo, hit backspace.
ohhhh. I love this. This is exactly the kind of photo I'd probably take. I'm jelous. wink It's great. I love it. The photo is amazingly sharp considering it was hand-held. At this size you can't tell. It's good work. I love how the sky seems to go from warm to cool between railings. smile
You are seriously talented in this art. I respect you even more since I discovered you do this as a hobby. I spend days looking at your pictures and it never fails to shock and awe [in the best senses of the words] You are incredible. Any other sites as good as yours that you can recommend?
  • Laurie
  • United States
  • 11 Aug 2006, 15:28

Personally I like a back story on a photo. I think photo"bolg" should be a combo of both photo's and text. I think the images have more meaning then. They don't "need" text but it is nice to read about them, and sometimes a photo needs context which only text or at least a good title offers.
  • Diya
  • Switzerland
  • 11 Aug 2006, 15:43
i could write some more but the only word that remains is

  • Oz
  • United States
  • 11 Aug 2006, 16:34
  • Steve
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 11 Aug 2006, 17:21
Fantastic colours here Jide. The presence of the horizontal bars doesn't bother me except I'd prefer it if one wasn't completely obscuring Waterloo bridge and the horizon in that area. Re your question about descriptions - I'm a big fan of text. People say that a good photo transcends description and I happen to agree with it - there's no real point in describing the photo. However, putting up some text to contextualise it, or to give a bit of background about where it is, or the circumstances around its capture I personally feel is very worthwhile. Generally, if I see a photo with no description then I won't bother to comment, especially if there's no title. It just seems as if the blogger can't be bothered somehow. Thats my 2¢ worth. I always find your text interesting.
  • Jamey
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 11 Aug 2006, 17:44
It is a lovely pic. There's a slight jagged line on the metal bar second down but I'm a fine one to talk as my masking always leaves lines on things against the sky. I'm terrible at doing it properly. I don't think the horizontal lines ruin anything, I really like them. There are already tonnes of 'straight' photos of the eye out there.
lovely pics nice one put more efforts.
  • Yẹni
  • United Kingdom
  • 12 Aug 2006, 10:51
I love the processing and the colour, I think a lot of background details are lost due to the angle of the shot I.e westminister building...oh well we can't have it all...heehee...lol nonetheless a beautiful attempt
  • Funmi
  • 14 Aug 2006, 13:38
i love the almost invisible clouds and the way they add some form of motion to the picture...
superb! wonderful colour combination & contrast. very warm for a winter shot!
  • KoZiK
  • France ( FR )
  • 19 Aug 2006, 04:21
All your pixs...
Very nice job...
  • Conor
  • USA
  • 23 Aug 2006, 19:11
I like it a lot. The bars make this otherwise normal (although beautiful) pictures more interesting. I also like how the sky melds orange to yellow to purple to blue.
Great colors !!!
Very good composition
I like this shot
  • marc
  • South Africa
  • 25 Aug 2006, 00:47
got here through your archive, this one just jumped out, great stuff
bumped into your photblog once or twice, I must admit, you've got some nice portaits. I'm not much into photgraphy but I would always appreciate a great shot anywhere..
  • Aarathi
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 7 Sep 2006, 19:59
got your blog from a friend - I think you have a pretty good eye for a shot and your technique is quite interesting - may I please ask how you got these colours so well....
This is, without doubt, one of your pictures. Those horizontal bars allowed you to do what you do best (pp). I too have a photo of the Millennium Wheel but your shot is far better.
Sorry Jide, the comment above should have read "one of your best pictures".
  • Yinkx
  • United States
  • 19 Nov 2007, 11:41
This is a gorgeous picture. Can I order a large poster?

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