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04 Aug 2006 1,768 views
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photoblog image Portrait Series Part Duex : Guess Who?
Portrait Series Part Duex : Guess Who?|

Portrait Series Part Duex : Guess Who?

Thank you very much for the comments yesterday. I think I've learnt a lot about myself, my photography and you guys too. Such debates or discussions are always nice one in a while.

I struggled to find another portrait to put up especially as today is the theme day on shutterchance. I did have one but I didn't think it was appropriate just yet. Maybe someother time I'll put it up. I think this will be the last of the series. I'll do a part three some other time once I sort out the newer stuff I have. I want to go to the more abstract stuff now.

Again another mystery man, guess who?

comments (38)

  • Leye
  • United States
  • 4 Aug 2006, 00:02
Looks like Asiko from Here to me bro!

Loving the tones!
  • Stan
  • Mexico
  • 4 Aug 2006, 00:19
Nicely done man! The tight crop works but i would have liked to see more of the hans (and hat). Also, i'd have tried to work it so his face wasn't hidden by the hat but by the light (deep shadow). However most of this is just nit picking...i like the shot as is. Good work! smile
  • Stan
  • Mexico
  • 4 Aug 2006, 00:20
Seems i can't spell to save my life lately....Prime example of a fine education wastedgrin
  • Laurie
  • United States
  • 4 Aug 2006, 00:45
Like the shot. A little peek from below the brim???
would have love to see the hand as well, some may argue that this composition is not about the hand, but then the hand seems to me to be from the wrist upwards the only thing thats in focus. Apart from the buttons on the jacket, Jide what happened?

The is not a pose....for thin arms lol

While I like the pic and the concept, It could have been executed better.

The monotone effect is spot on.
  • Dammie
  • United States
  • 4 Aug 2006, 02:46
Go sexy!
  • manju
  • Singapore
  • 4 Aug 2006, 05:21
Nicely done. Great shot !
i dig this shot. awesome angle. terrific tones and use of light and shadows. one suggestion would be to clone the finger out. i like the position of the hand on the hat, but the finger seems kind of weird.
  • sk
  • United Kingdom
  • 4 Aug 2006, 06:05
Oi did U ask permission before putting this shot up, silly boy. Awesome portrait series Mr
  • Jonathan
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 4 Aug 2006, 07:19
Same as yesterdays perfect lighting and a nice composition. As for the guess who, is this you and you've got the camera on a timer smile
  • chunter
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 4 Aug 2006, 08:01
Now this I like. No fault to find here through my eyes.
  • Azhar
  • India
  • 4 Aug 2006, 08:16
Very nice, I love it.
Whoever it is, he sure goes to the gym tongue
  • Frank
  • Germany
  • 4 Aug 2006, 08:47
Yes, this one i like. Excellent shot!
  • Suby
  • Milton Keynes, Great Britain (UK)
  • 4 Aug 2006, 09:06
Lovely shot bro, lovely shot.

  • Mobola
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 4 Aug 2006, 09:13
I really like this picture. Have nothing particularly profound to say about it but I think it illustrates/ demonstrates good photography. It's picture perfect!!
There is so much I like about this shot, the tone, the mystery of it. My only issue is that I would have liked to see the whole hand rather than just the pinkie....but maybe that was ur intention. Double thumbs up!
  • chantal
  • Netherlands
  • 4 Aug 2006, 10:22
Beautiful tone and capture.

Have a great weekend!
  • rookster
  • a room with a view
  • 4 Aug 2006, 10:25
hmm find mself looking through ever angle of m screen to see if i can see more...not sure i like the shadows so much...theyre "blocking my view" single thumb
  • rookster
  • a room with a view
  • 4 Aug 2006, 10:26
errors: myself*, every* , my*... must learn to type
is that a thumb? or is that a pinkie? the mysteries of this shot...
  • incubus
  • Europe
  • 4 Aug 2006, 11:06
chill now ebun!!! its obviously not a thumb!! my guess is its ASIKO!!!!!!!!!!!
miss smarty pants, there was a little confusion.

omigosh, i KNOW that necklace, it is àsìkò....(freaked out yet?)
Jide Alakija: TOTALLY FREAKED OUT!!!!!!
  • incubus
  • Europe
  • 4 Aug 2006, 12:44
  • micki
  • United States
  • 4 Aug 2006, 12:49
Now that's a cool shot!!

Abstract next!?! I'm gonna love that series!
  • sk
  • United States
  • 4 Aug 2006, 12:51
Ok I am officially freaked out, who is Dezhare/Ebun?
  • dezhare
  • behind your curtains
  • 4 Aug 2006, 13:16
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.....my name, my name..it was hidden!! NJIDENWA URENNA MADUBIKE EJIKEME, you are SOOOO dead right now!!
Jide Alakija: Ebun, I'm on a mission to catch you! A nice shot on Alakija.com someday grin Maybe like Nji's shot! Watch out!!!
  • incubus
  • Europe
  • 4 Aug 2006, 13:36
LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! chill on the urenna madubike!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jide Alakija: Oya translate!
  • myde
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 4 Aug 2006, 15:10
Damn!!! fyne male specie! whats his name?lol Nice shot...
odikwa very sexy
  • Jamey
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 4 Aug 2006, 17:57
Nice pose and the skin tones have come out really well but the shadows do look a little too 'blocked up' for me. Would like to see some detail there, however faint.
  • Dammie
  • The Office
  • 4 Aug 2006, 18:01
Lmaoooooooooooooooo @ NJIDENWA URENNA MADUBIKE EJIKEME, you are SOOOO dead right now!!

*insert name8 U R NUTSSSSS!!!>....LoL, and that's his freaking PINKIE.....lololololol
  • Samarth
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 4 Aug 2006, 18:27
Very nice shot...has a great air of mystery about him, so to speak. good framing and excellent capture while in action...8.25/10 from me...i've just bookmarked you on my blog so i hope ull come and visit.
  • Idefix
  • Germany
  • 4 Aug 2006, 23:09
I like this lots. I have been mentioning occasionally that there's quite enough pics and portraits of pretty girls, and how about getting some guys in front of the camera PLEASE..... I personally think men are harder to photograph (they tend to go all silly when a camera comes out - either freezing - grinning insanely (and unflatteringly) or just hiding behind the nearest solid object... This one has all the ingredients of a great shot (except maybe a little more hand ...grin)- very well put across, and a rather sexy shot if I may say so
AWESOME!!! KUDOS!! Did you shoot in black/white or convert?
Jide Alakija: I always shoot in colour then do my conversions later on. Thanks.
  • Marina
  • Germany
  • 5 Aug 2006, 22:08
Ui, very cool; the shots looks perfect in b/w. (I did a similar sp a while ago.)
  • Yẹni
  • United Kingdom
  • 9 Aug 2006, 12:10
nice shot nice PP ....but will be nice to see a little bit of his face..
  • Paul
  • Canada
  • 23 Aug 2006, 22:16
Excellent. Personally, I like the face in darkness.
  • Funmi
  • 19 Sep 2006, 09:10
some mj stuvs in d house... nice

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