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03 Aug 2006 1,577 views
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photoblog image Portrait Series Part Duex : Lore #3
Portrait Series Part Duex : Lore #3|

Portrait Series Part Duex : Lore #3

It's another shot of my little young star Lore. This time the more playful side is portrayed. This is a shot I processed some time ago but never seemed to find the best moment to put it up. I think it's found it's way into the hall of fame of one of Alakija's best work. I'm quite happy with this one.

On another note, incubus, hit on a point that got me thinking yesterday. She asked how I knew that photography was my thing. Also how does one know what there true gift or calling (as some may call it) is in life.

My own view on this as I said in my reply to her is that I don't think photography is my thing (and I'm being very honest when I say so). I think it's important that you don't take for granted the lows that is associated with my photography (I don't think a blog is the place to go into them), like celebrities and people in high places you only see one side of them, there is the other side that you don't see that is very much hidden behind the lime light of their work. My best images seem to come at a time when I am at my lowest.

This is the reason why I don't see photography as my thing, the dark side can be one of loneliness.

How doesone know? What is life? I'm no philosopher but how did you know Jesus is/was the Christ?
How do you know God exists? What evidence? My point is that there is an element of just believing or looking in hindsight you what you think is your thing or sometimes what people say is your thing. In my case people say Photography is my thing which I deny all the time but sometimes I look in hindsight and think maybe it is/was my thing. The answer is I don't know.

Enjoy the portrait. Another tomorrow.

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comments (36)

  • Mr Skee
  • SkeeTown (SL)
  • 3 Aug 2006, 00:08
This is one of your best pieces, infact almost "Skeetopia", but as "Skeetopia can only exist in Skeetown apply for a visa and come along with this piece. smile
Jide Alakija: VISA ke? I'm really looking forward to this Skeetopia!
  • Laurie
  • United States
  • 3 Aug 2006, 01:19
What I really do like is how this girls beauty shines through. The sparkle in her eyes speaks of a heart filled with joy.

What I don't like is the blurry thing...perhaps if it were in focus, or not there at all.
Jide Alakija: Hmmm. Thanks for the comment Laurie. I actually like the blurry part, why don't you like it?
  • manju
  • Singapore
  • 3 Aug 2006, 02:25
Love her pretty sparkling eyes !
Jide Alakija: Thanks Manju.
hey jide,

this is a terrific shot. i love the detail captured in her eyes....they tell the tale of her thoughts and sentiments. however, i think that the white, blurred image really takes away from the shot.
Jide Alakija: Oh! I finally get it. (Re: Laurie's comment) Again I like the blurred bit because it's the curtain that she's peeping through. The way I see it, everything should be blurred but her peeping head. That's what the idea was about. Myabe it's too blurred.
  • sk
  • United Kingdom
  • 3 Aug 2006, 06:55
very nice shot Jide. Everybody has a calling believe it or not. I don't believe for a second God creates something without a purpose, now whether photography is ur calling is a different thing, its up to U and the great being upstairs. So if ur not sure what ur calling is, find out bcos it is very important in life, so don't ask the creation, ask the creator. Everybody is made with an intent in mind and finding that will bring fulfilment, geez I could go..........
The simple reason why people hate what they do and stay there is bcos they haven't discovered purpose.
Oh yea in case U didn't know photography is a big part of ur purpose.
Jide Alakija: I'm not one who thinks that purpose is a static thing. I think when you talk of purpose you have to put the time element to it. I don't think we all have one mission that we are being prepared to. I think that every moment is your life which is your purpose. You have the power to do what ou want to do with it. You find yourself in situations where you and only you can exercise that power, the purpose to which you were put here. Now because you can't see the future, hwo then can you know that's what you were here for? This is my problem with trying to find a purpose. I'm quite safe knowing that I have a purpose but I'm not bothered what it is. I believe that when the time comes I'll be me.

Basically, you are called to be YOU and your purpose is to be YOU!
This is a nice one too. Expected (which is why i have stopped commenting on your blog, shot of always stating the obvious). Aaargh.... Your thing or not? You need to ask your self... do i add value to the lives of people with what I do? or do i enjoy what i do? Do these things come easy to me? Am I struggling to do this thing? Is there a gift here? on my death bed will I be content that I did it? Only you can answer these questions. But IMHO, i wish I had a quarter of what comes to your eye before you press that shutter. There are people who look up at your blog before they leave home for work in the morning to get some inspiration. That is value. For my 2p's worth, anything you do in life that adds value to another man, is worth doing and with the strength that the Almighty has given you and that is Purpose (thanks Asiko for mentioning that).
Jide Alakija: Nice thoughts there Jide. I like how you mention that purpose in my photoblog. I'm truly happy about that because when I started this thing I said to prayer that I want my work to inspire people to become better photographers. So if you say some look at my work before they go out it makes me even happier. I do the same sometimes, so I guess we all inspire each other. That's it the word there "INSPIRE", I think it goes with "PURPOSE" or the result of it. To me we are all linked to each other, the milkman comes in the morning to drop your milk because you need it. He does his best to wake up at an Ungodly hour to make sure you have enough to start the day, Such great purpose. The teacher in school makes sure you understand how to do things in life etc. The fact is you do what comes naturally to you for the betterment of life and others. As you've rightly said. You've answered the question well.

  • bruno
  • Sweden
  • 3 Aug 2006, 07:46
man what a nice shot, her eyes are so clear and deep, i really love how she look at you. nice to see your photos again. take care bro´
Jide Alakija: Thanks Bruno. Missed you!
  • Sinem
  • Milton Keynes, UK
  • 3 Aug 2006, 08:36
Beautiful sister with lovely, sparkling eyes. I am not too sure about the blurry bit though, if I am honest.
My two callings in life are writing and empathy because writing for hours on my own makes me happy, and to show empathy to another human being is a blessing. For me, one's calling is that which makes one alive and truly blessed to be alive. And as Asiko so truly said, it is indeed 'up to you and the great being upstairs.'
Whether or not you think it is your calling, your talent in photography is the gift you have - please don't see it any other way.
Jide Alakija: A gift? That's deep! I was saying to Tosin last night that I wished the people on my blog saw the shots that I take before a good one comes. There are thousands that you've not seen and they are not good at all. I think maybe it's the persistence to get a good shot that I may be good at.
  • chunter
  • United Kingdom
  • 3 Aug 2006, 08:38
I see what you're aiming at with the curtain over part of the subject's face and I don't have a problem with that. The sharpening of the eyes makes them really stand out.

Am I the only one, however, to see a disembodied hand reflecting in a window that doesn't appear to add anything to the composition? I may be missing the point, but it seems unrelated to the focus of attention.
Jide Alakija: You know that part is the only part that bugged me with this shot. I wasn't too sure whether to leave it or put it there. I decided the latter in the end.

Thanks Colin and welcome back.
  • debola
  • Nigeria
  • 3 Aug 2006, 08:44
Very nice...Now that u've mentioned it, I think the curtain's too blured. A little hint might have helped
Jide Alakija: Hint? Not sure I understand what you mean. Thanks Debola.
  • Azhar
  • India
  • 3 Aug 2006, 08:44
I thought about this, and I like it, initailly I didn't but after a minute I do. Nicely composed.
Jide Alakija: Thanks man!
  • Veloran
  • Singapore
  • 3 Aug 2006, 09:13
I really love the sprakle in her eyes, but the blocked face and the distracting disembodied hand spoil it for me. Sorry man, not feeling this one.
Jide Alakija: Sorry, you can't win them all can you. Thanks V.
  • debola
  • Nigeria
  • 3 Aug 2006, 09:50
hint of what she's peeping thru...the curtain
Jide Alakija: Right! I see.
  • E Etomi
  • Nigeria
  • 3 Aug 2006, 10:35
Lovely, smashing pic Jide. I don't know if its my thing either, I stumbled into it but all I know is that I LOVE IT!
Jide Alakija: Thanks E.
  • incubus
  • Europe
  • 3 Aug 2006, 10:43
Jesus!!! Am i the course of all this controversy??? I didnt mean any harm o PELE!!! I just spoke what i was thinkin at that point!! maybe i shudda kept it to miself!!

This shot is different, not quite sure wer to stand on this one to be honest but thers something luring about it..... cant quite place my finger on it yet....hmmmmmmm........
Jide Alakija: Silly woman. I only said you raised an interesting point and thought I'd start a debate on it. You didn't do anything but raise the point. No controversy here.

That being said what do you think of the response?
P.S. Always leave your email address to get a quicker response.
Nice one Jide...

hmmm, so if it isnt, then what is it? your 'calling' that is? I dont know how it cant be your thing, when your so damn good at it...whether natural or learnt, you are good at it....why is it a problem then to answer yes when asked if photography is your thing? it may be your thing ALONG WITH other things...
Jide Alakija: Yanik. Good point. As I said before, sometime I'm never happy with my shots but you guys seem to like them and there are times when I'm happy and you guys don't. This confuses me in reference to this "Calling", do I do that which I don't like? Or that which I think I like? Confused when it comes to that issue.
  • Ari
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 3 Aug 2006, 11:45
I believe God puts a wealth of gifts inside every one of us. But these gifts dont just manifest. The gifted writer who cant be bothered/doesnt make the time to write finds that his gift dries up. A potentially great photographer will never know just how good he can be if he never takes the time to move past ten 'bad' pictures,and capture the perfect 11th. Practically everyday for months, i find myself checking your blog. Now not all the pictures are my taste, but I find that I keep coming back. For me, Your talent is obvious, but what really impresses me most is your persistence. You try out new things, and every picture is different somehow. You make the time, you work to improve your natural talent, and it really shows.
Jide Alakija: Thanks Ari. I think you've hit on something quite personal. Yes I keep on trying out new things. I think there is a certain hunger to produce something new and different each time. I may not get it right or perfect but that's what keeps me going. Also there is a certain reception I get from you all that keeps me going as well, your comments are very very much appreciated otherwise I wouldn't be doing this. Thanks again.

Always leave your email address otherwise I can't reply.grin
  • Inu
  • Lagos/London
  • 3 Aug 2006, 11:58
Was really thrilled to see a picture of my girl on your site on my birthday {hint smile}.
Lovely photo. I wasn't too sure about the curtain effect but I guess the essence of the photo is in capturing the reality of the moment.

PS: Your calling has nothing to do with other people's opinions but your convictions. The fact that you have to work hard to perfect your art doesn't make your gift any less impactful...the opposite in fact. As I always say, if it were that easy, everyone else would be doing it!
Jide Alakija: Is easy the word? Or natural? It's certainly not easy to me at all. Processing a shot for one hour only to find that you aren't happy is not an easy thing to stomach. I should do an Unstatisfied series sometime where you all see the incomplete shots that I've taken but not happy with. It should shed light on the other side of my photography. What do you think?

Oh and happy birthday.
  • Ayo
  • London
  • 3 Aug 2006, 12:01
Nice shot Jide. On other matters, in reference to your images, you mentioned that "there are thousands (of shots) that you've not seen and they are not good" - leading me to conclude that the fact that you spend your time taking "thousands" of photographs (literally) whatever your purpose is in this life, photography will surely play a big part in it!
Jide Alakija: Well said oh master Kenobi! Well said!
  • chantal
  • Netherlands
  • 3 Aug 2006, 12:12
Odd portrait with the cover over the mouth, but a nice and creative one.
Jide Alakija: Thanks Chantal.
  • Suby
  • Milton Keynes, Great Britain (UK)
  • 3 Aug 2006, 12:17
Eeeeccck, way to intellectual and serious for the Subter.

Image does not blow me away, looked at it about 10 times now and still does not blow me away. Comes accross as aiight. Imagine if this was posted on another blog that was not the Alakija mans, I know for sure this shot would have got some grilling.

It is a fun shot and makes me chuckle because it looks as if the hand is coming to slap the poor little darling. (was it?)

To me not one of your best works. just okay.

Jide Alakija: Fair enough sir. Thanks for the comment.
  • Petra
  • Netherlands
  • 3 Aug 2006, 12:23
I like this a lot. The face of the girl is gorgeous! the fact that the curtain is in front of her face makes the photo very special imho.
Think i prefered it if her hand was clear too (not blurred i mean...pfff english words!!sad )
About the other matter: I agree with Inu's comments.
Sometimes you have to work hard on something to make it worth while...
In my case...i have several things in life i love to do...even if i am not very good at them. for example, taking photo's and painting.
I am not good at them and i have to work hard on them to get something acceptable. But most of the time i love to do it, and when there is a time that i dont like it anymore its time to move on and do something new....
Thats what life is all about i think....Do what makes you happy!!
Jide Alakija: I guess fulfilment is what you are trying to say. If it fulfils you then enjoy it. Painting is something I would love to do too. I'm going to make time to do some painting. I haven't done any in years.

Is it fair to say that art is doing what you want to do and how you want to do it? Now that being not limited to just pictures and music but to anything at all.
  • micki
  • United States
  • 3 Aug 2006, 12:37
I really liked your comments today, thanks for sharing those personal thoughts and feelings.
Jide Alakija: Thanks Micki. Glad you were touched by them.
  • Ari
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 3 Aug 2006, 12:54
can i ask you something...it may make u slightly uncomfortable smile
  • Ari
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 3 Aug 2006, 13:17
this ok??
  • incubus
  • Europe
  • 3 Aug 2006, 13:27
I dont really have much of an opinion about the whole calling thing as I am pretty much gropping in the dark trying to find myself and what it is i enjoy. Following up on your reply to Sinem, I know Jimmy Hendrix sat in his room sometimes and composed some songs that he thought no one would ever listen to let alone by. Till this day he is the greatest guitarist that ever lived (like i want to be jimmy hendrix!) What I am trying to say in effect here is that why dont you bring out those 'bad' shots and process tham to ur hearts desire, post them on ur blog and see the response. Every one knws ur really good at this stage so im sure they wouldnt be judging u!!! Just have a think about it smile.

The things that get to us the most soo much that we try to make an impact even with the little opportunity we have i think have a big part to play in our destiny!! (Remember this day when i become senate president wink )
  • Morenike
  • Nigeria
  • 3 Aug 2006, 13:28
Nice shot. What i love about it is the joy and beauty in her eyes which you captured really well. It's like her eyes are smiling. The only thing that really bugs me is the blur on the left - it's just too distracting to achieve the effect you were aiming at (which i'm guessing was to draw attention to her eyes).

About PURPOSE... now you're going to get me started. I sense this is going to be a long post.

IMHO, i agree that purpose is not a static thing, thus, you can't tie something as dynamic as purpose to a gift, like photography - your purpose is not your gift, rather, your gift(s) is /are meant to enable you fulfil your calling. I believe there're so many gifts that God has blessed each of us with and at different points in time, life and situations will call on us to use them either to further a purpose in our lives or somebody else's life (or both). One of our gifts may feature more prominently than the other for whatever God has called us for at a particular time, but like you said, we have to yield to His will.

However, i strongly believe that there is an assignment each of us is born to carry out and which stands out above all other things God may want us to do and is really the reason for all the gifts that we have or don't have. the key is finding out what this (our ASSIGNMENT/PURPOSE) is- where each of us fits in God's grand design or where each brick fits in the building. Really, you can't find these things out without faith and a connection with God.

The reason why i believe in each of us having a purpose is really a matter of precedence. If you look in the Bible (i.e., if you believe in the bible, which i'm certain you do), God had a purpose every notable person or was continuing/completing someone else's purpose: Abraham - to make a great nation; Moses to bring God's people out of Egypt; Joshua - to take the Israelites to the promised land, David - to be king, Samuel, Elijah, Elisha, Jesus - ultimately, to reconcile man to God through His death, etc. Every other thing each of these people did or could do was geared towards their purpose. If they got carried away by their gift or circumstances they would have missed it (and some of them sort of did or left their purpose uncompleted so that someone had to finish up). Using Jesus as an example, he could do so many amazing things that everyone around him (e.g. the disciples) got so carried away that they equated his abilities with his calling), but He never did, He got it right.

In a nutshell, my POV is a middle ground between yours and asiko's - i.e.:
- God has a need for us to meet everyday (it may be something as simple as putting a smile on someone's face) and it's up to us to use what He has given us for that purpose. This is why i believe that whatever it is you're doing, be excellent just be at it. this is one of the things God has called us to be. So if you're a photographer/student or fashion designer today be the best you can be (not better than Mr. A), as this will bring glory to Him. if you decide to be an astronaut tomorrow, make sure you leave your mark in some way (i know, it's easier said than done).

- However, apart from the calling to be the best "You" you can be, I think one must never lose sight of the fact that there is A reason why we were made in the first place and that God is determined that we succeed.

That's why i'm of the view that Jesus got it right. Everyday he went out to set the captives free, to open the eyes of the blind, to preach the good news, to heal the broken hearted, to basically show the face of God to men. Everyone else (including Peter) looked at his gifts and said, "ha ha! this is definitely what Jesus was sent here to do". Jesus knew his purpose and didn't let His "everyday callings" detract Him from it.

But Jesus' Purpose was so far from what His gifts were pointing at. perhaps this is the contradiction you're sensing in your spirit - that makes you say "photography is not my thing". Let me just say that of course is your thing - i'm sure even a blind man will tell you thatwink you've definitely got talent. However, it may or may not THE thing.

I think of all the questions we may ask our, save for that of salvation and/or the need for it, PURPOSE is the most important and herein may lie the problem - not knowing what this PURPOSE is. This is because i think purpose settles the question of what we are here for or whether we've made a success of our time here. It also helps us put our gifts or whatever it is we are doing in perspective. The advantage Jesus had over us while He was here, is that He didn't have the sin nature like we do and He was one with the Father - He knew His purpose from the get go. Unfortunately, we all have to go the extra mile in seeking God's face to find out what we really are here for. But the comfort we all have is that God loves all of us and He really is rooting for us to succeed.

So i guess in a way you are right not to be worried, since God as got our back and want to lead us right. One thing that also comforts me is that every notable person (i think) was led into their purpose cos God saw they had the right heart- Paul, the disciples, Moses, David, etc. after all God orders our steps and He does so for a reason (that grand design again).

Plus, as powerful as are gifts are, God is even more awesome, so awesome that some of our gifts or lack of it may not even mean anything where we get in line with His purpose. Just think Moses - imagine a stutterer leading a crowd of 1 million plus out of Egypt and through the read sea. Because don't forget, our purpose is ultimately about HIS purpose, His glory and His Kingdom. It's not about us. So you may be right about photography may not play a big part in the big picture of your life, but then again, it might. All I can say is - "only God knows" but He will definitely make your paths straight.

P.S. Jide, look what you made me do. I find it extremely hard to resist writing on topics like the one you raised in today's post. I promised that i wouldn't write a word but here i am, thousands of words later. Also i hope you don't mind that i didn't publicise this comment. didn't do so because 1) It's way too long; 2.) issues like faith, purpose, etc. are so personal and can be controversial; and 3) some may not understand. If u're not happy about anything i've said, it's only my opinion and you're entitled to chuck it (it may even be wrong). I only sent it to you cos you raised the issue, so you can't be mad at the length (or content) wink There!

P.P.S. Purpose is a cool and nice topic when you look at it in the context of good guys like Jesus, David, etc. what about folks like Ramses and Judas - talk about controversy wink. Don’t worry, i'm not getting started on that one.

P.P.P.S. I promise i'll be good next time you bring something like this up.
  • incubus
  • Europe
  • 3 Aug 2006, 13:44
.....oh how could i forget to say the last paragraph is just my opinion may or may not be true smile
I come to see this shot and come back to see it again
I can say that I love it very much now ! The expression of the little girl who have so beautiful eyes is what I prefer here. The composition is a little hard to admit at the beginning but it gives a strengh at the picture with an unusual point of view. I must say that the hand and his reflection are great.
Very nice picture indeed -> Bravo !
  • Dammie
  • A Chair
  • 3 Aug 2006, 15:45
Welll since we r on this topic, I think.. {i'm not much of a reader.....EXCUSE ME!}.......I'd like to share something that got me thinking......a wise person told me this....Actually Oprah said it on her show.

"God, gave you a gift....LIFE!.......What you do with it {life}, is your gift to HER {God}!

Well, Jide....I'm suree God is pleased with your photography.......heheheh
  • c2photo
  • United States
  • 3 Aug 2006, 18:39
Wow, incredible photo! The interesting part for me is that all of the uneeded information has been removed, leaving only her sharp eyes to be drawn to. Great shot.
  • Jonathan
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 3 Aug 2006, 18:41
I said that yesterdays was my favourite portrait by you, today you've made me change my mind.

Very soft colours but the eyes definately make this shot a cracker, very nice work.
  • rookster
  • a sensationally tranquil place
  • 3 Aug 2006, 19:10
not sure abt the blurring in this one...but my fave part is her hand's reflection in the mirror...actually maybe the best part is that theres tons to look at in this somewhat simple looking picture


cant wait till tmoz...
  • Stan
  • Mexico
  • 3 Aug 2006, 22:25
Yes, I'm back...hehe. This one doesn't quite work because its hard to understand whats going on here. You allude to some playfulness so i assume she's playing peek-a-boo or summat similar. In that case i don't think blur in the left bottom works. Then theres the issue of the hand....whats it doing in the shot?

Perhaps its just me but it just looks like you were trying to get a shot of her and ended up with her half hidden behind something and some random hand in the frame.

As an aside, i like the floating EXIF info. If the image size is adjustable, you might just get me to open an account here..wink

P.s Yes, after reading the comments the shot makes more sense (not necessarily better) buti'm leaving my initial reactions up there as i feel they are still relevant.
  • Idefix
  • Germany
  • 3 Aug 2006, 22:32
I love her expression, and the way her eyes talk right out of the picture. The white blur does not bother me but the hand sort of looks like it belongs elsewhere. Still, it's a terrific shot and very sensitively processed
  • Jamey
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 3 Aug 2006, 22:56
Hmmm... The hand sticking out of her ear bothers me on this one. I'm afraid I don't like it as much as the last two.

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