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27 Jul 2006 1,581 views
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Why has this shot made it to my photoblog? Well because it had to. I loved it even though to some it's not a good shot. A lot of the elements are out of focus and it could be deemed as boring too. However not all shots have to be technically on point before they are good shots! Look at film photographs! A lot of what you get aren't even in focus like you have on Digital, the fact that you put the shot on a 5 x 7" print eliminates a lot of that and even Canon  lenses are only sharp to a degree as they have noted this fact. So based on all that I've decided not to be too bugged down with the technical jargon that digital photography has managed to create in an attempt to carve a niche for itself in the imagery world.

So take the shot as it is and let's enjoy the view. Okay yesterdays was not on point but I decided to put up something a bit more colourful this time. This goes along with my other colourful shots, Suby does this meet our "Alakija Man" standards? Sorry I don't endores the policyofsubster, maybe I need to start my own policy. ;)

"I'm really trying O!" I've not put up a portrait in 5 days now, this is remarkable. I'm thinking I might do a week of some really nice work, again if I can find the time to process them. Anyway enjoy the view of the front mf my parents house, not much except beach and hay-like plants, I'll see if I can process a more detailed shot of the scenery.

comments (30)

An average yet pleasing shot!

Since you put this piece up smile I can't "Leave you", Skee has weilded his big stick, the Royal Shutterchance Police has been disbanded with immediate effect smile all applicants should email skee.

The bottom line with this shot is that you liked it, which makes it worthy no matter what any of us say smile

Shooting this shot at f2.8,you would need so much patience to get the whole front row in focus. It wouldn't have been a bad idea to have shot at f4, the shot would have looked alot better if the grass in the center was in focus, but sadly it is not.

Here's a open question for fellow shutterchancers...

Is a out of focused but well composed shot better than a properly focused but badly composed one?

I always find out that the photographer and the artist almost never see things eye to eye smile
  • Denosha
  • Singapore
  • 27 Jul 2006, 02:12
Not quite sure about this one but as Skee has said, if you like it, there's nothing wrong with putting it up. smile

As for the technical vs artistic debate, I think that is what seperates the brilliant photogs from the run-of-the-mill ones. The ability to master the technical side and yet be able to see artistically, what others can't and then be able to capture it in a way that anyone can understand. The eye I call it. grin
i like this shot. i like the composition and the colors. the thing is that everyone is so concerned with pristine images. focus, post-processing, increasing brightness, decreasing contrast. photoshop has made it virtually impossible for us to look at a photo the way that we once did. so did digital photography. we are in an instant age, where delayed gratification is a non-existant thing.

i say if you like it, honestly, that is all taht matters. my brother just graduated from art school with his degree in fine arts, and none of those guys care what others think. they produce their work for themselves, and themselves only.

maybe we should try a day where, anyone wishing to participate, will agree not to use photoshop or post-processing for any of the day's shots. it will be interesting to see how that works.
  • atunbi
  • United Kingdom
  • 27 Jul 2006, 03:09
No be all michael jackson song reach no 1, NICE IMAGE jide, sometimes beating/matching one owns standard is the hardest thing to do. You've blown me away many times so am just gonna make use of the "previous" link and enjoy!
  • E Etomi
  • Nigeria
  • 27 Jul 2006, 05:59
Seeing such great quality pics on shutterchance is motivation enough to constantly improve my pics so kudos...we are learning from those that started before us smile
  • manju
  • Singapore
  • 27 Jul 2006, 07:11
Nice shot ! Would like to try a similar shot.
I think these are great for a change..Nothing wrong with it...Must have been hard to capture? My guess is the wind was pretty hard to deal with?
  • Tosin
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 27 Jul 2006, 09:42
I think this is such a simple and beautiful photo! Wow wow wow- The beauty of simple thing- Sometime we work so hard to find beauty- but it is really just on our door step.

Wow- Thank God!!
Very nice shot ! Simple, clear and so artistic ! Congratulations !
  • akanksha
  • Delhi,India
  • 27 Jul 2006, 10:32
it gives out a nice earthly feeling..
  • dennis
  • Sweden
  • 27 Jul 2006, 10:50
I'd have posted it too, Jide. You're right not to get too bogged down in the technicalities of the shot. If it pleases you, it's likely to please others as well.

I'm particularly attracted to some of the colours in the grass, and it's contrasted nicely against quite a mute background. Really nice shot.
  • Suby
  • Milton Keynes, Great Britain (UK)
  • 27 Jul 2006, 10:51
Jide funny thing is both shots yu have put up in the last 2 days I have really liked, you seem to think I won't wonder why. To me most tkes I look at images and ask, would I have this on my wall? For this one the honest and truthfull answer will be yes. So that means I like it, I do not have to intricately look at the technical aspect of the shot to find out if it is on point before I like it. The image above appeals to me and thats all that counts in my book.

Yes I do sometimes drop comments on the technical bits, but it's only if my stupid brain thinks something could have been done to achieve a better image. In this case it's PERFECT. At least to me smile

  • Jon
  • United Kingdom
  • 27 Jul 2006, 11:11
Really good DOF and great detail in the grass. Nice one.
  • sk
  • United States
  • 27 Jul 2006, 11:33
beautiful simplicity. interestingly enuff who is the artist and who is the photographer between urself and Skee, in my opinion ur both artists. Oh yea artists never see eye to eye
  • Petra
  • Netherlands
  • 27 Jul 2006, 12:10
I think this one is perfect Jide....i like the fact that not all the elements are in focus...the colours are gorgious and the background is beautiful!
I don't think thi is boring and I feel the DOF is great in this image. Background is perfect.
  • Jr Prod
  • Switzerland
  • 27 Jul 2006, 12:34
Very nice shot - very peaceful. This is the kind of pictures I like to see in the evening, after a stressfull day in the job smile
  • chantal
  • Netherlands
  • 27 Jul 2006, 12:38
So warm and natural. Great photo.
  • BeakerSt
  • Shutterchance
  • 27 Jul 2006, 12:48
I do sometimes wonder whether the type of comments received are intrinsically linked to what is written underneath and are therefore liable to change depending on what you write. Sometimes I see comments that invite a more symphathetic view from the audience. For example if I were to write how bad a day I had had I would probably receive less criticism. If you hadn't written anything I wonder what the comments would have been as there are elements that 'could' be criticised should one be inclined to do so. This coupled with the fact that the ShMood is oft overlooked or misunderstood or even worse requested to be changed to Red just to allow the viewer to deliver their 'critique'. We're all different, we all see things differently and no-one is 'right'.

For me, 'we', as in the shutterchance community, have become a little more hasty in criticising images rather than just enjoying them. I know when I get a good shot as the number of views spikes and the number of comments spikes. If there is something specific to dislike I don't mind being told but there are ways to tell people in a constructive way. I wander many blog sites and rarely see the type of criticism that we get on shutterchance and I really don't know why. It would certainly appear that you need a thicker skin than I had anticipated to air your shots in a blog.

As far as this image is concerned...I'd have it on my wall as a huge canvas any time. A calming and serene image that would relax the viewer, there's intrigue in there and there's detail in there. The background reminds me of Rothko, albeit in a diferent colour range.
  • sk
  • United States
  • 27 Jul 2006, 13:18
I agree with Simon a 100%, enjoy the image. I have found we like to cut down images (in my opinion not +ve feedback). Anyway I think we should give a bit more thought to the feedback we give and remember not everyone is on the same level in photography. On monday somebody destroyed my image saying it was weak, the lighting was pants and blah blah. I was still testing my new lighting equipment and learning how to use it, yea thats right I am gonna be a master of it in two weeks, considering this was my second time using it.
C'mon people we are here to encourage and help, not target practice on a red shhmood.
please can we endeavour to provide constrauctive positive feedback.
whats this policy of Suby stuff again? LOL
  • micki
  • United States
  • 27 Jul 2006, 13:32
I love it!! imo, this is a wall hanger of a photo, and I agree totally with what you said about the new standards that digital photography has created. Well done image! This has that wonderful, late summer feel about it, that lovely part of summer that is the most laid back.
  • Craig
  • London
  • 27 Jul 2006, 17:08
Love the colours, very cool!
  • Azhar
  • India
  • 27 Jul 2006, 17:47
"it's not a good shot."
Jide Jide Jide, if only you could judge photos as well as you shot them grin
GREAT GREAT GREAT SHOT! for simplicity, colour and composition.
  • Jonathan
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 27 Jul 2006, 22:29
Nice DOF, looks good. The sharpened corn/grass(?) to the left and right look good againts the blurred centre one.
  • emma
  • 28 Jul 2006, 12:28
this is lovely! gorgeous colours. i don't think this ios boring at all smile
Gorgeous depth.. the bokeh is so warming.
  • Funmi
  • 31 Jul 2006, 12:35
this is very lovely... thoughts of huckleberry finn come to mind
I love the compsition and it has almost a 3 dimentional effect, thanks for sharing it
  • Alicia
  • United States
  • 2 Aug 2006, 22:42
It's soothing with the faded blue background and simple with blades of grass. This definitely belongs on the blog.
This is amazing!!!

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