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08 Jul 2006 2,322 views
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photoblog image Brick Lane Man #1
Brick Lane Man #1|

Brick Lane Man #1

This shot was taken on my meet up with Jamey on Thursday. Infact he's posted his own version of this moment on his photoblog. You can check it out here. I didn't get this gentlemans name and neither did Jamey so I'm calling him the "Brick Lane Homeless Man" for now. I have a few more shots to post from the meet up which I'm quite happy with. As I said yesterday this allowed me to explore a different side to my photography.

What do you think of this shot in the meantime?

A little trivia for you, how many roads are there in W1 of London? (Answer tomorrow)

comments (24)

  • laura
  • United States
  • 8 Jul 2006, 01:01

i love this shot! it is the kind of picture that makes me think i wish i was more into taking pictures of people. i like the colours and how sharp it is. smile

Jide Alakija: Thanks Laura, I also urge you to have a look at Jamey's version too.
I have looked both yours and Jamey's and I like the feel that your's gives as a candid. He is obviously trying to eek the most out of every pleasure that comes his way as he probably has very few. Yours has a very gritty, true feel. Jamey's on the other hand while still natural doesn't have the ring of truth to it that yours does. I suspect that yours was snapped B4 he was approached and Jamey's was after he consented to be photographed.
Jide Alakija: Thanks Matt. Actually it's the other way round. I had the same shot as Jamey but didn't think there was a point to put it up since he did. So I put a more non-confrontational one up. After Jamey and I had taken the first shot this gentleman just started to ignore us in a rather sublte way. This shot shows what I mean.
what a brilliant shot. I love taken photos of people and strangers. I am just to shy to approach them. You have done a fabulous job of capturing this man's hardship. What did you say to him when you asked to take his photo?
Jide Alakija: If I remember Jamey and I were walking by and he asked me for some change, I thought I'd use that opportunity to take a photo of him as I thought we could do an exchange. Fair?
  • Dammie BerryMoore
  • United States
  • 8 Jul 2006, 06:28
Jide Alakija: And?
  • Laurie
  • United States
  • 8 Jul 2006, 07:17
I think this one has a lot of impact.
Jide Alakija: Thanks Laurie
Super portrait, love the sharpness and vignetting!
Jide Alakija: Thanks Ashish.
powerful portrait, lots to look at, perfect background.
Really sad image too, it makes me wonder if this guy had quite a different life planned out for him as a kid, what got him to where he is now? Why has he got a rubber band on his hand? Note the rope round his neck... symbolism or an attempt to wear something decorative in place of a necklace? His eyes are intriguing - there is a bit of a spark, he hasn't quite given up, has he....
Jide Alakija: Very thought provoking thoughts there Petra and yes one does ask the question about his past and also his future from this image. What happened and what will happen? Thanks.
  • barbara
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 8 Jul 2006, 08:43
There both very good..I do like the way Jamey has captured his lovely blue eyes.
Interesting the way I had assumed that, that was glazed brick work at first in the background. It was only when I looked at Jamey's that I noticed it was grillwork...amazing what processing does to a picture.
Jide Alakija: Teehee....@ the brick work. Well I think I may have over processed that bit again. Thanks.
  • barbara
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 8 Jul 2006, 08:44
no I don't know how many roads there are in W1 ..why? are you taking the Knowledge?! wink
Jide Alakija: Ha....wait for tomorrow and you'll find out.
  • matty
  • UK
  • 8 Jul 2006, 09:06
stunning shot, but how do you get the feel of the shot in post processing?? Love to know!
  • matty
  • UK
  • 8 Jul 2006, 09:09

the feel of the shot is fantastic, cant fault it
Jide Alakija: Thanks. Matty
  • Suby
  • Miilton Keynes, UK
  • 8 Jul 2006, 11:17
Nicely done, your and James image are very good, it just reminds me I have to go out as soon as I have finished editing the million customers photographs I have to edit. Dang the hard part of photography smile

Impressed bro, impressed.

Jide Alakija: Yes sir I totally understand the issues of photography. I have a lot of work in the queue myself coupled with a deadline demanding thesis sometimes there is no hope, but it has to be done as painfully as it may sound.

Just take your camera along with you to work as I do.
  • sushi
  • Austria
  • 8 Jul 2006, 12:18
i'm sorry for him that he has no job or money to make his perfect life. the portrait is a perfect moment. perfect dof, perfect colors, perfect light (my opinion).
Great candid photo - although he may be homeless, it looks like he knows his way around the streets and is a real survivor - plotting his next move as he enoys a cigarette.
  • Fokke
  • Netherlands
  • 8 Jul 2006, 17:46
Wow, nice shot. Great detail of the person and put infront of the right background. Good job!
  • Jamey
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 8 Jul 2006, 17:47
I have no idea what's happened to the colours in my shot. I didn't even remember that he had red patches on his jacket. Goes to show how much I take in, I guess. Maybe that's why I like taking photos, because I can't remember what people looked like otherwise smile

This is a much better composition and pose than mine. Like it a lot.
Jide Alakija: Oh! I enhanced the colours. I also changed the colours on his jacket. One thing I've learnt from Skee (http://www.skee.shutterchance.com) is to look at the colours in the scene, i.e. the balance between the background and foreground, make sure you get a complimentary set. DJN does this really well.
  • milou
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 8 Jul 2006, 21:36
Good to see two photos back to back and to see how each of you have interpreted the same subject. He has the look of a boxer.
  • Mona
  • London
  • 9 Jul 2006, 11:14
Hahah I love this, I could stick him in a movie, lock stock and....

Must there be an "AND? *flips hair*
  • emma
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 9 Jul 2006, 20:15
great portrait. gritty
  • \cd
  • Austria
  • 10 Jul 2006, 08:44
great. i'm just missing the last part of his arm at the right side of the picture. a buck for his thoughts.
  • GeckoZ
  • Singapore
  • 11 Jul 2006, 03:32
Nice sharpness and tones from this image. This is very cool!!
  • Luisa
  • Spain
  • 12 Jul 2006, 09:24
I clearly pefer yours, both the shot and the postprocessing.
  • BeakerSt
  • Shutterchance
  • 12 Jul 2006, 18:56
Real yet surreal. I love this, think you've nailed the processing and got a wonderful character in there.

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