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28 Jun 2006 3,372 views
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photoblog image Hope?


Okay today I'm prepared to take a hit! NOT! I had a really dissappointing day yesterday, PhD writing wasn't as smooth as I expected, some work I've been doing for a client didn't go as I planned and finally a particular item I wanted to purchase didn't want me to have it. So all in all I've had a bad day.

I decided to look for an image that would reflect my day. I went for a walk (with the camera) and saw this opportunity. It's one of the few that had everything I wanted. I think the light in the middle is more of an interpretation of how I felt, the clouds covering the glimmer of light or hope I had left. This photoblog. I'm sure the response to the image will cheer me up.

Also, it's very dark for this reason.

comments (48)

  • Birthday Girl
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 28 Jun 2006, 00:12
I like this a lot... It looks like it's gloomy and the heavens are opening to let in light... ok I am yanning now....

It's very good.
  • tp
  • United States
  • 28 Jun 2006, 00:37
I love the "open heavens" look. You must have a good eye to have captured this... Hope you have a better day to day! smile
OOOOOOOO!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Oh my stars what a pretty one. Seriously I like the mood of this one. Like you said there is always hope and your image brings it across. That's what I have found with my blog actually if I am having a bad day I almost find that someone has left a comment that puts spring back in my step. Great Image.
  • Stan
  • Mexico
  • 28 Jun 2006, 02:29
This is more like it. Thought it was a HDR shot at first glance. Hope to see more of this kind of stuff. Feel free to visit my blog for inspiration...hehe
Jide Alakija: It is HDR but I don't say so these days as that seems to influence the thoughts on the shot.

love, anger, happiness, excitement are emotions that can easily be portrayed through photographs or paintings. however, hope certainly does not fall into that category. how does one convey the concept of hope? apparently you were not only to capture the concept of hope, but you were able to convey the effect that hope has on a discouraged spirit. nothing short of brilliant!
  • Veloran
  • Singapore
  • 28 Jun 2006, 04:07
As you know by now, this isn't my kind of photograph, but after looking at the thumbnail, I thought I should take a look. Obviously there's heavy processing, but as a work of art, I like it! Very moody and emotional, love the light rays shining through the darkness...
Jide Alakija: Depends on what you regard as heavy processing. All I did was increased teh dynamic range and saturation, the shot was taken at a very low exposure bias. grin. Not much processing compared to my standard.

Yeah my photographs are more on the art side. Thanks Veloran.
Very nice shot Jide, love the dark tones but I think the center sky area is a bit too bright drawing my eye first when the rest of the image is so spectacular.
  • sk
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 28 Jun 2006, 06:55
awesome awesome awesome
  • shooter
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 28 Jun 2006, 07:16
Jide what can I say? this really is full of feeling, an emotional cornucopia if you will, I also think this is by far your best post for some time, all the elements are there and the processing is perfect, I guess you can tell I like it, outstanding, my friend...
Jide Alakija: I'm flattered. Thanks Shooter.
  • Jajo
  • Czech Republic
  • 28 Jun 2006, 07:28
Great composition
  • Mask
  • Europe
  • 28 Jun 2006, 08:19
Its very nice. I like the darkness
  • bruno
  • Sweden
  • 28 Jun 2006, 09:13
man i love processing in this one. its just lovely, and i think its one of your best (no Portraits included) shots. i hope u´ll feel little better till tomorrow smile take care
Jide Alakija: Feeling much better today. Thanks.
  • BeakerSt
  • shutterchance
  • 28 Jun 2006, 09:29
Stunning, absolutely stunning and I am glad you have not posted the original.

p.s. hope things get better!
Jide Alakija: Things are getting better. Thanks Simon. I don't usually like posting the original myself but I'm curious as to why you are glad I didn't. I know Asiko dislikes the idea of posting the original and he has an interesting point.
  • E Etomi
  • Nigeria
  • 28 Jun 2006, 10:01
Im in awe, I just love the composition and the mood.
  • Morenike
  • Nigeria
  • 28 Jun 2006, 11:09
Stunning shot. It's very dramatic and, strangey, quite moving. Wish i could see the original to get the full effect of the work you done on this one. Nevertheless, can still appreciate the PP here which is amazing.

P.S. Hope today turns out better than yesterday.

To Mr. Shooter: cornucopia???
  • micki
  • 28 Jun 2006, 11:28
Amazing shot!! But I still see the light of hope here!!

I am so sorry you had one of those days. I hope that today goes much better for you. Yesterdays wasn't a complete loss, you did capture this stunning image.
  • Mona
  • London
  • 28 Jun 2006, 12:18
I have to give it up to you with your post processingQ

  • Petra
  • Netherlands
  • 28 Jun 2006, 12:34
excellent reflection of an off-day!!
gorgious photo.
  • Mr T
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 28 Jun 2006, 13:01
Damn,todays blog has forced a public comment from me. One word...excellent. Some might say it is heavily processed but its very appealing to the eye. PP is on point. This is one heck of a shot, well done! It was after admiring it i read the text. Dont worry man, a lot of times we underestimate ourselves because we are all perfectionists. Besides i am sure we will all agree that results dont always reflect effort and IQ. Hang in there - just sha finish it.
amazing!! like God's shining light in the midst of clouds...fantastic shot! heres hoping u have a better day today!
  • Chantal
  • Netherlands
  • 28 Jun 2006, 13:28
Beautiful color tone, kind of sepia. Love it.
  • Nicola
  • Germany
  • 28 Jun 2006, 13:49
Wow, what a light!
  • Suby
  • Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
  • 28 Jun 2006, 14:12
Jide the HDR master at work again. What can one say but MASTERFUL, Can you teach me how to do this? smile

Jide Alakija: Thanks. Maybe I'll put a walkthrough on my next shot, otherwise check out Atila's site, he's got a very good tutorial on how to use Photomatix to get a good HDR result.

  • tammy
  • Nigeria
  • 28 Jun 2006, 15:12
Masters have their way of doing things,I promise to take a shot close to yours, maybe ill take a run one day. Too cool. I love that.
Now what can i say that hasn't already been said?!
+ like Damian Marley said in his song "We're Gonna Make It", You're "ganna" make it! So don't you ever give up wink!
  • Laurie
  • United States
  • 28 Jun 2006, 16:02
I am sorry to hear you had a bad day.

To me this shot speaks of a glimmer of hope. The rays of hope shining down through the clouds of despair. But that's what I was looking for in it when I looked at it. It's a matter of interpretaion. It's a lovely shot.

I hope things go better for you.
I like. Very End of Daysish...makes me wanna get peotical up in this piece...You know what? Ama just do that.

Dark skies,
teary eyes,

.....to be continued wink
  • incubus
  • Europe
  • 28 Jun 2006, 16:52
Yinkavelli, I SEE U!!!!! yea i agree its very end of dayish...... scary, very scary!!
  • Olumide
  • Birmingham (UK)
  • 28 Jun 2006, 17:07
I love it!
  • Sinem
  • uk
  • 28 Jun 2006, 17:46
I am soooooo feelin' this shot, Jide. Dark and depressive, just like me - oh well, you haven't met the morbid side yet! smile
Jide Alakija: I thought you'd like this. I'm hoping to put up more landscapes in the future.
  • Ella
  • Germany
  • 28 Jun 2006, 18:31
Very true, Jide! We never tell them, when it is an HDR either - only when someone asks ;-). The darkness is perfect for me and I love the shape the light creates in the picture. I really do hope today went a little bit smoother for you.
  • Ama
  • Ireland
  • 28 Jun 2006, 19:09
Passionate pessimism seems to be the mood of the writer/image. Passionate pessimism is powerless to control the force of hope that seeps in. This image for me is open-ended, hope consumed or diffused??
Jide there is power behind passion and your full of it! Great work, totally fab-ish!!!
Beautiful, just beautiful.
  • Nkx
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 28 Jun 2006, 22:26
A stunner
  • Al
  • UK
  • 29 Jun 2006, 10:55
great shot, very moody
  • derek
  • United States
  • 29 Jun 2006, 16:30
  • chiara
  • United States
  • 29 Jun 2006, 19:45
Love your site and you images. This one is really stunning!
  • Nathan
  • United States
  • 1 Jul 2006, 04:37
Stunning shot, very nice! Thanks for checking out mine, I will be back!
An amazing shot!
I agree with you on moderating how much information you give away about a shot initially. Tends to preempt things too quickly for my liking.
  • vickii
  • United States
  • 6 Jul 2006, 13:19
I know you put this up a few days ago but I just saw it and just had to say how brilliant it is! I've told you this before but when I get rich (hopefully!) I am going to buy a lot of your photographs! This has to be one of them!
  • Osime
  • London
  • 7 Jul 2006, 03:40
I'm quite positive that I sat still looking at this pic for nothing less than 5 minutes... and all i can say is WOW! Not sure what to call it, skill? talent?... you definitely got something. Absolutely divine.
  • Diekola
  • United States
  • 15 Jul 2006, 15:19
a pal 4wded d link to this blog to me... and i say...

it'd be nice get to talk 2 u... perhaps u could undertake to do the photography for my LP CD release...
  • Laurie
  • United States
  • 16 Aug 2006, 22:49
I saw what you said about this in Suby's blog.

This is an example of HDR that doesn't look artificial and that should be the way it looks In my opinion it shouldn't scream "Photomatix HDR".
  • Claude
  • France
  • 18 Aug 2006, 19:52
Wow!!!! Fantastic shot. Lovely tones and lighting. A great photograph.
  • Tobi
  • UK
  • 16 Apr 2007, 15:55
Hmmmm,i see what u mean about this reflecting your mood.personally i love pictures of the sunset,but i really like this and as a fan of black and white pictures, it appeals to me an dthe view is really nice.Actually to get another view like this,u shud get on the ferry in south london.It feels amazing from there.
  • tim
  • leeds uk
  • 8 May 2008, 20:34
oh my that is some shot Jide, talk about right place right timesmile

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