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08 Jun 2006 1,950 views
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I decided to process this image with this very different look, almost like the "main man" image. Again trying to replicate a film look. I sent Inye a copy of the original file to process too. I wonder what his looks like.

Remember tomorrow is the shutterchance fruit theme day. Now what would I put up? Any guesses?

Guys (members AND non-members), are you aware that shutterchance is currently running a competition? Every two weeks you could win £100 cash! You can find the details here.

comments (27)

  • skee
  • Skeetown (SL)
  • 8 Jun 2006, 00:22
Let film be film and digital be digital! Nice capture smile
Jide Alakija: And let the photographers cross over as they please. Thanks. grin
  • deji77
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 8 Jun 2006, 00:43
LOL. Intriguing.
Probably its high-time you invested in a film SLR Jide.
Jide Alakija: But why when you can also challenge yourself to produce the look you want?
  • idleye
  • Australia
  • 8 Jun 2006, 01:08
idleye says .... mmm i prefer more tonal range and more 'snap' in the contrast. If this was a print from film I would say that your initial film exposure was badly under and that that you have tried to rescue some detail by dodging the central figure (in particular) and this view would be confirmed by the lack of contrast and detail in the rest of the image. Whoops! is that really a blue smiley face up there?
OK, feel free to delete my comments.
Jide Alakija: Please I prefer comments like these than those that just appease the artist. As always it's your opinion. Thanks.
I hate these "green" smiley things lol!
Jide Alakija: Forgot to change it to Red....but I do love the greens. grin
  • Suby
  • Milton Keynes, Great Britain (UK)
  • 8 Jun 2006, 08:43
You know what I dislike the Alakija man. He has beat me to it again, I have a shot going up in the next few day that has a similar feel to this (part of my journey out of my comfort zone) and what do I see above, the Alakija man puts up his shot before mine (I really need to send my boys over to have a QUIET chat with this bro smile )

Anyway green, red or whatever shhs mode he is in does not stop the Subster commenting when the Alakija man is involved.

I love the shot, isly I am so loving the capture, his posture and smile on his face makes this shot a gem to look at (great capture bro). I also love the fact you have also captured the drummers and the onlookers (I have to say the tall guys head being cut off is so hillarious and it works for the shot).

Okay now to the technical aspect of the PPing. I see what you where trying to achieve and you know what? You are BANG on the money here. The old film look one sees of parents from the 60's & 70's look this way so for me it works all around. One of your best shots for me, but hold on a minute, I have just seen you Millions Turn to what? post, stonking and absolutely wow already coming to mind. Will hightail it there now smile

  • bruno
  • Sweden
  • 8 Jun 2006, 09:29
what a cool shot, and i think that this one looks like a film shot smile take care my friend wink

Why you no want just advertise Soul Love Sunday III, on top your site now Haba!?? grin
  • Mona
  • London
  • 8 Jun 2006, 10:08
Not bad, hmmm tomoz - perhaps a satsuma or satsumas? (I was gonna say pineapple but seen that on shutterchance recently) But that's small but u never know what u can do with one, just a suggestion. smile
  • E Etomi
  • Nigeria
  • 8 Jun 2006, 11:44
He was really dancing away lol. Cool processing. The guy seems to be a bit bright (overexposed?) or is that part of the processing?
  • micki
  • 8 Jun 2006, 11:53
I agree with deji77, get yourself some film. That presents a whole new set of challenges then!!

I do love this image!! His smile is great!! Nice work, it does look "filmy."
  • attah
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 8 Jun 2006, 12:18
there's a brilliant article on deviant art about the role of digital vs medium vs large vs SLR camera's. Anyhow, man your last couple of shots have truly been.. actually i've run out of superlatives. No doubt if you choose to do this full time you have a wonderful future ahead of you. At leat dat is wetin we go dey pray for you ;-)
Jide Alakija: Well taking photographs and doing business with photographs are two very different things, there is an appeal to images that are good but that's just the beginning of it, the other issue is cost and time. Both of which I don't have....more the former. I need to pay 9 years of University debts first don't I.

In an effort to produce or reproduce a film effect from a digital capture, the following factors really need to be considered.
1. The actual characteristics of film media. DIfferent types of film, have for instance major differences in grain, texture, colour retention etc etc.
So if we are trying to produce a “film like effect, the major question is what type of film?
2. the un-uniform nature of the grain on film prints, also depends on the paper.
Jide Alakija: Ah! Good point but that's what we'll understand and find out on our journey. I've been playing around with TriX filters from some forums, the effects look interesting. But at the end of the day it's still worth a challenge. It's all about understanding light isn't?
Film prints to me are more than just faded, and "uniformly grained" photoshopped efforts.

This is a very good picture, no doubt, but in no way does it resemble a film capture, anyway as the saying in the printed world goes "The proof is in the printing", smile
Jide Alakija: True, the proof is in the printing and your comments are very much required. If it doesn't then we have more work to do. but if you say it can't then that's another story altogether init. wink
  • Chantal
  • Netherlands
  • 8 Jun 2006, 13:27
Nice B&W with nice texture.
Another photo where you've combined great technique with a scene that has a (often ambigious) story.
  • midi
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 8 Jun 2006, 15:41
the image brings back memories of "owambe" parties, drummers & the dancer doing his thing... lovin the image, good shot!
  • Yanik
  • Sri Lanka
  • 8 Jun 2006, 16:05
This is a great shot...Loving it...It really send out a powerful feeling...
  • shooter
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 8 Jun 2006, 16:46
Hi Jide this looks to me to have been captured on a cheap throw away camera with lens flare, and moreover underexposed. There is no fine detail and low to no contrast. However when all of that is said it still fails to emulate the quality of film, the unique quality this material provides is so vast, and combined with the overwhelming chemistry available so infinitely varied. Sorry for the negative comments.... excuse the pun..
Jide Alakija: Thanks Shooter. Really value your "negative comment" I think it's very helpful.
Great atmosphere! I think all this "film-like" process works well on this one...
I love how my suggestion became the first one of these theme things. I'm glad to contribute.

Nice image, Jide. You've got film written all over this. Cheers, Brent
Nice pic ...man makes me remember my friend's wedding in Niaja in Dec ..Omo I danced like 2moro no dey
  • L'ours
  • Canada
  • 9 Jun 2006, 00:31
I have to agree with most comments, it's not your best photo and the grain looks bad. There is some nice filters out there to simulate film grain (can't remember the name and I'm not on my desktop) and standard noise doesn't do it. The specialized filters work very well and I even use them on scanned film for high speed grain effect on high definition films.

But, I also have to admit I'm jealous of most of the photos in your blog, really nice!
  • Azhar
  • India
  • 9 Jun 2006, 12:35
Man this is one of the best oldish feeling photos ever, the noise the toning : fantastic.Loving it.GREAT GREAT SHOT!!!
  • c2photo
  • United States
  • 10 Jun 2006, 17:40
I love the processing. I think it gets across the feeling of old film perfectly. Great subject too, the "old film" concept really works well. It generates so many stories for the photo. great job.
Processing the image in this way has given the whole shot so much energy...nice work.
  • derin phillips
  • Reading ,UK
  • 14 Jun 2006, 11:34
CAPTAIN!!!! nice picture, dont know much about photography or its technical jargon. However, I do remember seeing an american footbal pic, where everything was black and white n it was just the player with the ball who was in colour, think tht concept would work here..
  • Nancy
  • New York
  • 11 Oct 2008, 00:54
Hello Jide:

I LOVE this image, as well as "main main." It is Art Photography at its best. Reminds me a little of Gertrude Kasebier's work. And, that was great photography. I don't care if it's film or digital, as long as the end result looks like this.


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