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17 May 2006 2,130 views
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photoblog image Patrick #2
Patrick #2|

Patrick #2

Another one of Patrick, this time he's not looking at me but at his Dad. I'm actually finding child photgraphy quite enjoyable at the moment. They seem to produce many good and interesting shots. This is another shot I'm very pleased with.

I can hear someone say, "Not as good as yesterdays...blah blah", but before you do remember that this shot is meant to be part of yesterdays shot in a series. You could almost say these are the sides of Patrick. Anyway your thoughts.

Post Processing: Channel Mixer, Colour Balance, Curves, Gradient
Crop:                       None

comments (25)

  • Suby
  • Milton Keynes, UK
  • 17 May 2006, 00:08
You are right Jide, not as good as yesterdays (at all)... blah blah. Since you know the rest.

Your conversion on this one is off. Too much on the right side of his face, some of the highlights have blown out, too white bro Ssomeones gone all crazy with channel mixer here?

Nope not feeling this shot.
Jide Alakija: Really weird Suby, looking at the original and this one I don't see any blow outs.

Not sure what you mean when you say too much on the right side of the face. The light is quite natural and can't see where the too much is.

Also the only way you can go crazy with the channel mixer is if your composition of Red, Green and Blue is over 100%, that's not the case here.

I'd check the screen settings.
  • Suby
  • Milton Keynes, UK
  • 17 May 2006, 00:26
Side note: As my "friend" and photoshop guru Scot Kelby say "Although you'll hear photoshop instructors preaching that these numbers must add up to 100%, I'm more concerned with how the image prints. If the print looks great, but the numbers add up to 116% really....who care?"

Have 2 screen here, looks blown out but me setting could be wrong. smile Will have a look on the laptops in the morning or my screen at work smile
Jide Alakija: Good point on the 116% but it doesn't back up your arguement about the process going crazy, if it's 100% then it's not blown out, if it's 116% then it's definitely blown out though some images look good, in this case it wasn't over 100% and hence couldn't be blown out from the channel mixer.

I can also put up a colour processed version for you....I'll do that tomorrow with light processing and you'll see that it's not blown out.

  • Reza
  • United States
  • 17 May 2006, 01:25
Suby I have to disagree with you BIG time here, bud. I like this shot and there are no blown out portions at all, I think your monitor might be in need of calibration.

Ok Jidester, lemme do my break down of WIL & WIDL

-His look
-Color tone
-The crispness of his sweater and the softness of his face
-The background
-Overall, I love the composition and again, thank you for being eye level with him. Makes the shot a lot nicer.

-Color tone. I like it, but then its hard to love it.
-The box in the background.

Overall, this is a nice photo bro. I like it.
Jide Alakija: Thanks Reza.
  • Sidney
  • Philippines
  • 17 May 2006, 03:07
Yesterday's picture was extremely good! A little masterpiece. So indeed, it is difficult to produce a masterpiece every day.
This doesn't mean that today's picture is not good. On the contrary. I really like the expression on the kids face. It is also a good composition. Well done!
Jide Alakija: Thanks Sidney.
  • Veloran
  • Singapore
  • 17 May 2006, 03:20
Nice expression, framing is good too... But that box in the background is really distracting.
Jide Alakija: I wondered about that too. Thanks Veloran
  • Mona
  • London
  • 17 May 2006, 03:24
Wow Patrick has some interesting facial expressions. I see where Suby is coming from about being too white on this side of the face but I like the concept, you could use this for an album cover or a postcard.
Jide Alakija: Thanks Mona.
As I expected, today we are back down to earth :-(

There's really nothing wrong with the composition guys, the tones are ok as well.
Jide Alakija: What do you mean back down to earth? Otherwise hanks for comment.
As I expected, today we are back down to earth :-(

There's really nothing wrong with the composition guys, the tones are ok as well.
  • sk
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 17 May 2006, 06:03
Nice shot Jids, I quite like the composition, its the sort of thing I would do. Ok not as nice as yesterdays but nice none the less. go on with ur bad self
Jide Alakija: Thanks a lot. Will keep going.
  • shooter
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 17 May 2006, 06:39
I like the shot, there is a degree of tension in the pic, it begs a ? what is he looking at? is he happy or sad? and agree with previous comments no blown out highlights. I would add though that of the two yesterdays takes the award.
Jide Alakija: Thanks Shooter. I would gladly recieve the award. grin
  • Azhar
  • India
  • 17 May 2006, 06:39
Abosultely priceless expression : great tones as well : GREAT GREAT SHOT!
Jide Alakija: Thanks Azhar
  • shooter
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 17 May 2006, 06:41
I like the shot, there is a degree of tension in the pic, it begs a ? what is he looking at? is he happy or sad? and agree with previous comments no blown out highlights. I would add though that of the two yesterdays takes the award.
  • incubus
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 17 May 2006, 07:15
MONA, Y R U UP AT 3.24am!!! WEIRDO!!! I like this shot, prefered yesterdays tho....
Jide Alakija: Wonder what you'd say about tomorrows then?
  • manju
  • Singapore
  • 17 May 2006, 07:32
Nice expressions. Like the tone too!
Jide Alakija: Thanks Manju
  • Suby
  • Milton Keynes(UK)
  • 17 May 2006, 08:13
Recaliberated screens, switched on laptops, and indeed there is no blown out areas (darn the Subster is wrong FOR ONCE ) smile However this for me is just an okay shot.
Jide Alakija: Fair enough. I'll try and produce a masterpiece for tomorrow if I find time, this is something that i don't have a lot of PhD is really taking it's toll on me, hence I don't have many good shots to put up. I'm sure you understand.
I'd like to comment on the channel mixer/clipping issue:

- Adding channels up to more than 100% does not necessarily produce clipping. Each percentage is a factor for weighting each of the RGB values (i.e. 50% -> x0.5). Clipping will only occur if the weighted sum of the values is greater than 255. So it depends on the content of the original picture. In a low key image where the brightest value is 128 you could add up the values of the channel mixer up to 200%.

- If one or more of the RGB channels are already clipped the B&W downmix will produce more or less pronounced flat areas no matter what is set in the channel mixer. An exception would be leaving the clipped channel out completely.

- If someone asked himself why 'convert to grayscale' and desaturating give different results, here is the explanation:
Desaturating produces the same result as using a channel mixer with 33% for each channel. 'Convert to grayscale' weights each channel according to the perceived (psychovisual) brightness, which is R: 30%, G: 59% and B:11%.

Copy that? wink
Jide Alakija: They don't call you the "Focused Geek" for nothing. wink
  • micki
  • 17 May 2006, 11:51
Child phototgraphy always yields great results! This one is so sweet.
Jide Alakija: Thanks Micki.
  • attah
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 17 May 2006, 12:33
I really like the series. I would have liked more grain as in yesterday's shot but you already said its NOT yesterday shot ;-) I do really like
p.s could put you in contact with a professional friend who works with kids. She's got some stunning shots if you like..
Jide Alakija: Not a bad idea at all. Send my details or send her details or link us up or even so let's all go out for a drink.
  • E Etomi
  • Nigeria
  • 17 May 2006, 13:16
The little boy is adorable
Jide Alakija: Thanks Enimien.
  • david
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 17 May 2006, 13:33
very nice portrait; love the off-centre composition.
Jide Alakija: Thanks David.
  • Mask
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 17 May 2006, 13:34
I really like you idea of criticing so i am going to adopt it in my way

Expression on boys face.
blurred background

The color doesn't have quite as much oomph as yesterdays

Really good shot but not one of Jides best.

Remember to who much is given, much is demanded.
Jide Alakija: Love your honesty keep it coming.
Lovely compositon and nice tones.
  • NudeYogi
  • United States
  • 17 May 2006, 23:25
I don't see any blown highlights, either.

I'm not a big fan of whatever that white box is on the wall, but you could edit that if you wanted. I love the expression on his face.

I do wonder how it would look if you cropped off the right half and made it a vertical.

Great job!
  • chiara
  • Italy
  • 17 May 2006, 23:30
Very sweet moment. Beautiful child.
the color tone give a classic look to the image, nice composition shot alsosmile

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