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21 Apr 2006 1,982 views
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Waiting 2

I'm testing the use of these border which I got from Hendra Lauw who apparently has a wonderful photoblog of images. Here is a shot I took last summer in Lagos as I was just about to step back into my flat.

It's HDR for those of you that are wondering and for Suby who seems to think that HDR shots performed by Photomatixs don't come out sharp, well I really don't know what else to say, I haven't done any post processing work to this one. No sharpening, no colour management just very slight brightness improvements. I know that now you are going to look for something to trash the shot.

Unto the subject, These are two drivers who are using their bored minds to play a game of draughts (or checkers for our US friends). Sometimes I ask, how can you work like this? As in drive all day and if not driving waiting, at least these guys are doing something that is engaging their minds but otherwise they'd be very bored sleeping.

Oh for the rest of you who care, I'm still feeling under the weather so can't do anything very creative at the moment.

Post processing: HDR from single RAW, toning through solid colour, increase in brightness, cropping.

Unto something else, a good friend, Bukkie Opebiyi, a Nigerian photographer is exhibiting her work the whole of next week starting with a private viewing on Friday, 21st April 2006. The title of the exhibition : 'Nigeria, My Bias'. The exhibition is on till the 26 April at:

London College of Communication, Lower street Gallery, Elephant and Castle, London SE1 6XB.
Times: 9:30am - 8:00pm.

You can see some of her work

comments (30)

  • david
  • Australia
  • 21 Apr 2006, 00:40
nice one! they look deep in battle wink
Jide Alakija: Thanks David
Lovely shot!
Jide Alakija: Thanks Ashish.
i like the balance in this shotsmile nice composition and color tonesmile
Jide Alakija: Thanks....
  • Sele
  • Krypton
  • 21 Apr 2006, 02:23
I actually like everything about the photo:

the quality - the sharpness aids to portray the feeling of "happening-right-now"... i actually feel like i'm in the "present tense" with the photographer!

the colour - not too excessive (which would detract from the reality of the image) and not too dull (which would detract from the essence of the shot).... just right!

the composition - the surrounding/background tells me a story about the subjects: driver passes time with friend while waiting for oga (who is getting ready to go out)!

*Good ol' checkers*

Nice one J.

ps: nice soulicitation photos wink
Jide Alakija: LOL...very funny Sele.
gerat use for a parking space. Love it.
Jide Alakija: Thanks Aaron.
  • Sele
  • Krypton
  • 21 Apr 2006, 02:33
I guess i should ALWAYS read FULLY the descriptions, abi? Plus u could be less descriptive... allow us think more!!!
  • Sidney
  • Philippines
  • 21 Apr 2006, 06:13
My kind of picture! Wonderful !
Jide Alakija: Somehow I knew you'd like it...took a few lessons from you though

  • Tuffer
  • United States
  • 21 Apr 2006, 07:12
Love this shot. I'll have to agree w/ Suby that HDR often seems to lack sharpness but you're right that there's no problem with that here. I think the color palette is my favorite part (aside from the nice composition of a cool scene).
Jide Alakija: Thanks Tuffer. I think HDR has not been used properly, it really should be used as a tool to increase the Dynamic range of the image, in some cases it's been over strecthed.
  • Me
  • Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
  • 21 Apr 2006, 09:45
Jide, Yep still not feeling HDR, HOWEVER, this shot is a cool one, the sharpnes is there I grant that to you (darn) smile I would have cropped the left hand side of the image, the space.... whats the use?

All in all, good job, I am still playing around with HDR myself, just never happy with the results I achieve. Maybe, maybe one day i will shock all by posting a HDR shot (don't hold breaths people) smile

Hey why would I be looking for something to trash the image? If it's good, I say it, the fact Suby not feeling HDR don't mean one cannot get wonderful images like the one above. I just hate admitting it smile

All in all, good shot, keep up the good work bro.

Jide Alakija: I agree with you, as I said to Tuffer, HDR has not been used properly, to use it successfully I've had to increase the dynamic range with very little stops and also no lunminosity at all. The results are usually plausible, try it.
  • Nkx
  • 21 Apr 2006, 11:01
Class shot
Jide Alakija: Thanks Nkx.
  • Erik
  • Sweden
  • 21 Apr 2006, 11:23
Great capture!
They look concentrate.
Jide Alakija: They do indeed. they didn't even notice me taking the shot...Thanks.
  • Chantal
  • Netherlands
  • 21 Apr 2006, 11:32
Great capture of this scene, like the impression.

Have a great weekend!!
Jide Alakija: As usual, thanks Chantal. You too have a great weekend.
One of the finest shots I've seen from you. The central composition is so perfect, as is the exposure and location. I'd love to just sit and learn from you about post-processing and HDR because this is an example of when HDR images WORK. And I'm glad I didn't give in so early with your previous HDR shots because I am really feeling this, and I would love to see more work like this. I am just really smitten with this shot. It has so much character. Fantastic, Jide! Regards, Brent
Jide Alakija: When you're ready I am...I can do a little walk through on the blog so everyone can learn...infact that's what I'll do I'll put the steps there. I've put some tips on my reply to Tuffer's comment. Come back and check it out.

Next week I plan to start some stuff that I don't think many will like but again it's all an experiment.
  • Tosin
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 21 Apr 2006, 11:47
this is a brillant, excellent and wonderful shot. I can almost smell the gutter there!!!

Love T
Jide Alakija: xxx
  • Micki
  • 21 Apr 2006, 12:16
I love this shot, their clothes are such a contrast for their surroundings. A wonderful image!
Jide Alakija: Thank Micki...
  • Gary
  • United States
  • 21 Apr 2006, 12:39
excellent color tones
Jide Alakija: Thanks Gary.
Very crisp and very impressive, particularly with your control of the lighting
Jide Alakija: Thank Simon. Bookmarked you on Photoblogs.org
  • Ka-el
  • Krypton
  • 21 Apr 2006, 13:19
What nonsense, how the hell can that imposter Sele be from Krypton. For those who don't know, Sele is NOT from Krypton, I am the last and only survivor of Krypton, don't let me use my heat vision and melt ur candy a$s.
anyway on to the shot, its a nice shot but it doesn't hit me like some others u have. Interesting that u used HDR. I for one know that HDR works, U just need to know how to use it. This shot seriously reminds me of nigeria, where I will be in a few hours he he, thanx for always sharing ur shots Jide and see U later
Jide Alakija: LOL...funny.
Wonderful shot! I love that you didn't frame it so tightly.
Jide Alakija: Thanks Man.
  • Yinkavelli
  • Ijebu Igbo
  • 21 Apr 2006, 15:50
"A kparawa laiye O!! Ojoro..." All thats left is a bottle of Sheman shinapps (i.e. Seamans Aromatic Shnapps)

Nice Pic!!
Jide Alakija: Funny as ever Velli.
  • Ayo
  • GB
  • 21 Apr 2006, 15:58
Fantastic shot! and since you're still "testing" let me be the first to say i really don't like the borders.
Jide Alakija: Thanks Ayo, I don't think it works for this shot. But Hendra has somehow made them work for his. I wonder...anyway tomorrow shot should be good. It's another of my Lagos shots.
  • mr skee
  • skeetown UK
  • 21 Apr 2006, 18:47
Good for what it is. smile

About the borders, I don't think they work either, abit too tacky, sometimes they work and sometimes they don't, as above. It's really not that type of picture to use a funky border for.
Love it!This photo has a central theme - brown and the colour is portrayed in different forms and aspects with unique characteristics.It's a very special images because the theme incorporates people into it and a setting with a perfect scene.One little 'hitch' I would say is that car on the right side of the photo - kind if disrupts the flow.Overall - LOVE it!GREAT GREAT shot!
Very nice HDR - like the border too.
  • deji77
  • newcastle, uk
  • 23 Apr 2006, 16:00
something abt the image is just right. it feels good and i like it. i think the border is alright.
  • Funmi
  • 26 Apr 2006, 19:25
soooo good... and d border fits just right.
  • IQ test
  • France
  • 28 Apr 2006, 14:13
The scene is excellent, but the light is not so good in my view ...
  • Reza
  • United States
  • 9 May 2006, 03:09
This picture is filled with so much backstory. I really like this. WOuld you think a BW would be just as effective?
  • Hendra
  • Singapore
  • 3 Jun 2006, 17:58
This one is wonderful, Jide, but I think it'll better if you crop it more tightly.
Very nice work on this shot

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