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12 Apr 2006 1,647 views
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photoblog image Demonstration Scene 3
Demonstration Scene 3|

Demonstration Scene 3

Demonstration Scene 3
Nkemo put up her own version of this shot yesterday. I thought since I had a version of my own I'd put it up. I don't think it has the punch on the message as hers but I thought since she already explicated on that I'd do mine on something different.

Meanwhile can someone help me translate what is written on the board on the right please? I know the fourth character on the second row means "Centre of the world - China"....but there rest?

By the way this shot was her idea too so please pass all kudos to her for the idea.

No no, this is not HDR in case you are wondering (Suby, so you are allowed to like it), again I'm experimenting with my new found love for colour correction. It's a different variation to the technique used for this
image, though similar results.

Read all about the demonstration here

Post processing: Curve correction of the blue sky, boards and lightness layer in Lab mode.

Update: I've been asked by
Sinem to explain what I did to achieve the look on this shot, first and foremost I didn't use any filters, I got the contrast through applying an s-curve to the lightness channel in Lab mode, then played with the different colours in RGB mode individually, as stated above I played with the Yellows, blues in the sky and the tones on the white board, again using the curves. Does this help?

See the original

comments (32)

  • Nkem
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 12 Apr 2006, 02:33
Praise comes out of my mouth as often as blood oozes from a gallstone. But this is stunning. Storm clouds seem about to engulf the clear blue sky, which would be fitting considering the dreadful subject the woman is protesting about. One half expects Dracula's cape to come into view sooner or later. Cinematography at its best...
Jide Alakija: Thanks Nkem.
Great shot, nicely captured.
Jide Alakija: Thanks Ashish.
  • attah
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 12 Apr 2006, 02:57
Oga I salute you. Nkem, I'm slightly confused by your simili... but I'll ask you another time ;-) Good shot Jide
Jide Alakija: Ese O My Broda!
  • Veloran
  • Singapore
  • 12 Apr 2006, 04:26
Awesome shot! The toning is excellent, it lends a lot of mood to the shot, and suits the subject perfectly. Kudos to you both!
Jide Alakija: Thanks Veloran, I was hoping maybe you could help me translate the message on the board, can you?
  • sk
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 12 Apr 2006, 06:40
Jide Alakija: Thanks.
  • Hendra
  • Singapore
  • 12 Apr 2006, 06:50
The cloud, the building, the placement of the woman on the left side of the photo, the tone ... all is great. Well done, Jide.
Jide Alakija: Thanks Hendra. You back?
Great capture, Jide! I like her looking off-frame with the building behind her; the sky is very dramatic. It all works here. Great reportage. Regards, Brent
Jide Alakija: Thanks Brent.
  • mr skee
  • skeetown UK
  • 12 Apr 2006, 07:51
A very Lovely compostion Jide!

I feel and strongly too, that the "over-cooking" of the sky was not necessary here!

It really make the imagery look un-natural, you could argue, and rightly so, that, that was your objective, but since you chose to shoot a picture of a more "photojournalistic nature", keeping it as natural as possible strengthens its originality!
Jide Alakija: Yup, it was my intention but however I do see your point about that. But as you say you don't always have to follow the rules.
  • Sinem
  • MK, United Kingdom
  • 12 Apr 2006, 08:20
Hey, Mr Skee, I like the "over-cooking" of the sky! In fact, I'd appreciate a lengthy response, Jide, explaining how you went about the post-processing (step-by-step if possible)
Jide Alakija: Oh dear.....why should I???? when Lord Vader would attempt to destory it?

Gimme 3 good reasons then I'll explain it.
Awesome shot. It looks like a painting. Brilliant
Jide Alakija: Thanks Navin.
OK...now you're talking! For me this is pretty much how a peaceful demonstration by a handful of people should be represented. You have a serious mood enhanced by a dramatic sky. The building and the monument also emphasise or add to the theme of 'the establishment' or regime that are responsible and she is standing in front of it in the same way she is standing up to the regime. The use of the word 'humanity' is not the focal point as it was for Nkemo's. I think Nkemo's is all about the irony of it all whereas this for me captures the silent drama.

A very very good shot that works for me on a number of levels.
There is a new Nkem on the block and everyone is getting confused!! its isnt me! But anyway, Jide, love this shot, as usual, u took it to another level.
  • Shida
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 12 Apr 2006, 10:05
Definitely a winner and a positive difference from the original!
To me its almost ironical. Notice the humanity statue in the background and the message the subject portrays... 'killing in China for organs is threatening to wipe out their humanity'.

Also, I like the 'over-cooking' of the sky. It conveys the subject's fear.. concern.. disdain.

Good work Jide!
  • Morenike
  • Lagos, Nigeria
  • 12 Apr 2006, 10:31
very dramatic sky. Goes really well with the solemn look on the woman's face. nice work.
REALLY LOVE IT.Out of all the pictures you have posted on this topic this is so far the best smile You really feel the emotion here - every crisp letter - that perfect blue sky and that priceless expression.Amazing Amazing shot smilesmilesmile
Great post processing in PS. Nice interpretation.
  • Micki
  • 12 Apr 2006, 12:00
The onlooking statue figures in the back seem to be watching with approval of what she is doing. Powerful image today.
  • Kris
  • Europe, Belgium
  • 12 Apr 2006, 12:05
This is just a perfect shot: composition, colors, light, everything.. excellent job!
  • Chantal
  • Netherlands
  • 12 Apr 2006, 12:09
Again a journalistic photo! Newspaperworthy~!
  • The Maven
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 12 Apr 2006, 12:32
Looks very dark and burnt on my screen.... I need a new screen!!!! Good excuse eh?
I like the capture of the word Humanity in the background a nice touch! Its a nice post processing job..must admit at first glance I thought HDR was in there smile
  • tbone
  • United States
  • 12 Apr 2006, 13:46
Nice lots of good colors

  • Gary
  • United States
  • 12 Apr 2006, 15:24
great with the "Humanity" engraving in the bg
  • Ayo
  • GB
  • 12 Apr 2006, 15:49
Excellent shot!
Okay Okay, I know everyone wants to know what the Subster thinks of this shot (hey let me live in my own world where I am King smile)

So what does, Lord Vader think? Did the photographer reach AND feel "the force" when snapping this image?

Was the force still with him during his editing process?

Lord Vader's answer to thes questions are....... (can I phone a friend? smile )

Okay like the shot, (crop the bit to the far right and clone out the bag or whatever bottom left and you will get that ever elusive "I LIKEY")

The shot however (darn) works for me on soo many other levels. The angle/framing of the shot I like. The processing works, the enhamcement of the blue (although not waht I would have done) works (double darn).

The colours are vivid and make the image stand out even more, the sky make it look even more forebidden/ominous.

This is one of those images that words are not needed, or indeed understanding what is written on the placards. It conveys an emotion to the viewer, the SERIOUSNESS OF THE SITUATION/DEMONSTRATION.

This for me is photo journalism at it's very best and for that Mr Alakija "I TIP MY VIRTUAL HAT OFF TO YOU SIR". You indeed are a master in this genre.

Okay enough of Suby being nice. I need a dud picture someone. Feeling like making someone cry/upset/angry. Someone please MAKE MY DAY smile

Lord Vader (no one ever said he was a good guy)
  • aj
  • United States
  • 12 Apr 2006, 18:53
The lighting and sky make this a very powerfull image. Really great contrast.
  • Yinkavelli
  • Europe
  • 12 Apr 2006, 21:29
Like the dark clouds. Presents a very fitting backdrop for the theme
  • Tuffer
  • Seattle, US
  • 12 Apr 2006, 23:01
I like the post processing on this. I think its just unnatural enough to show you did it on purpose but not over the top. I like how the processing made her face turn out. you def got some photoshop skills.
  • deji77
  • newcastle, uk
  • 12 Apr 2006, 23:47
ur a genius at playing with colours. i really like the way uv manipulated the colours on this one jide.
This is a seriously good image. The topic of the protest is very concerning and this image does it justice. The low angle and composition work so well, i especially like the statue with Humanity on it in the background. Your processing adds to the sombre mood of the issue at hand, all in all, you've done a marvelous job here. ps: am i the only one who thinks of National Geographic when i look at this!?!
  • GeckoZ
  • Singapore
  • 13 Apr 2006, 23:14
Like the tone on the sky and the building behind. Very nice!!
I like the darkness of this one.

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