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22 Mar 2006 1,697 views
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photoblog image Feeling down under
Feeling down under|

Feeling down under

This is the image I mentioned in my reply to Colin's comment yesterday. I'm not completely happy with is as I didn't pay attention to the area on the right where the sky is. I had blow outs even on my very under exposed images. I wasn't bothered to go back to the bank of the Thames where this was taken to take another shot. Anyway at least most of the image is good. It's not as enhanced as my other images

This image was created from 3 different shots at different exposures.

Post processing: HDR +  colour enhancement through  curves

comments (30)

  • bola
  • 22 Mar 2006, 00:04
Sori. As Suby will say, "me no likey" (well almost!)
Jide Alakija: Well as I always say : can't win them all.
  • Gary
  • 22 Mar 2006, 00:06
georgeous image, looks great as is
Jide Alakija: Thanks Gary.
  • bola
  • 22 Mar 2006, 00:06
looks like the inside of some alien being. Would be great for a scifi theme though
Jide Alakija: Well it's an algae infested area. Remember this is where the Thames meets the land.
thats it! it looks like something from out of quake3, unreal, farcry, etc grin is that what ur trying to achieve? if so great shot.
yeah maybe that's why this HDR thing isn't sinking in with me. games are trying to create environments that look more "life-like" and here we r creating images that look computer-generated....
Jide Alakija: okay since you put it this way, tomorrow HDR shot will look very well balanced and more like a normal shot. I'll demonstrate it's true power!
Another great shot... honestly people that paint.. create these beautiful paintings that arn't life-like.. I dont see a problem with capturing something and enhancing it's range... great job
Jide Alakija: Thanks Brett....I'm dancing with you on this one too.
  • chunter
  • 22 Mar 2006, 07:40
The image appeals to me, but I wouldn't hang it on my wall.

I like the composition and the sheer solidity and robustness of it all, but the part you mentioned, the sky, does detract from it. Looking forward to tomorrow's shot, because I know that the HDR technique can give some really good results.
Jide Alakija: I agree with you too Colin. I wouldn't hand it on the wall neither.
  • Folake
  • 22 Mar 2006, 07:47
i really like! the colours and textures work great together
Jide Alakija: It's funny because those that like this really do and those that don't really don't. Thanks.
It's interesting. This looks very fake. I'm trying to decide if that's a good or bad thing. Hmmm, I wish I could be more helpful, Jide! I just don't know what to suggest here. Regards.
Jide Alakija: Sigh!
Ok, I love this! But the HDR makes it looks abit like computer graphics rather then a photograph. Should it still appear in a photoblog? Hahahaha~
Jide Alakija: Good point...should it appear? You tell me! It's a photograph all the same. Thanks.
Fantastic HDR - you've inspired me to do more.
Jide Alakija: Thanks Raymond...I'm looking forward to seeing more.
I like the colours, but I'm not sure about the composition.. There's no focus, i feel. The only thing I like is the diagonals that run all over the place.
Jide Alakija: Sigh!
  • Micki
  • 22 Mar 2006, 12:35
There's graffiti under there...I can't believe anyone would want to hang out there...oops, you did. Well, you were doing something constructive! ;o)
Jide Alakija: LOL...Yup..I did..why was I there anyway...hmmm..thanks.
  • digitalmike
  • 22 Mar 2006, 12:42
Very sureal looking. I like it. I don't think the blown sky hurts it at all.
Jide Alakija: Thanks Mike.
very good capture.
Jide Alakija: Cheers Chantal.
  • david
  • 22 Mar 2006, 13:25
the more i see of HDR, the more i'm unsure as to whether or not i like it - if you keep on going on with it then i guess i'll know eventually!
Jide Alakija: There are some really good ones but it's very much subject dependent. I usually take mundane subjects and enhance their look. HDR is harder to use in my case or style.
Wow! I like the effect! Always a bit eerie those HDR pictures.
Jide Alakija: Ta Sidney.
  • sk
  • 22 Mar 2006, 13:30
interesting DR Mr, it looks like a sci-fi set, not a bad
Amazing details, very sharp shot.
Jide Alakija: Thanks.
  • Inu
  • 22 Mar 2006, 13:38
Never thought I'd ever say this but I don't really like this one. The processing makes it look like a shot out of a comic (yeah - don't really like comics either).
HDR Hmmmm!!!
  • Wolf
  • 22 Mar 2006, 14:42
Great colors here! Very neat pic!
I really really like the subject and composition but, and again maybe in the minority, I feel the colour is all wrong. The colour has really thrown the feel of the picture away from the way I read the subject. Personal preference would be a black and white but emphasising the graffiti for me. Still great composition...you can certainly turn your hand to lots of styles.
Gorgeous HDR. How long is this taking you?
I like the HDR .. have been playing with a few images and like you have been getting some blown out skies. BUt hey its costing us no film so we can play to our hearts content
Very nice.. I think the post processing is giving it a radium like green effect! Very kewl!
nice colors and texture...perspective of the concrete wall is fantasticsmile
Jide Alakija: Thanks.
great find, really enjoying the colors!
  • Azhar
  • 24 Mar 2006, 09:48
Agree with bola,not a fan of this image (how come he's always first to comment on all shuttercahnce blogs I go to - I'm going to beat him one day :-P).Too much saturation I think,would look better in Black and white.
  • eterisk
  • Goteborg, Sweden
  • 28 Mar 2006, 12:27
A great HDR shot. The green look like some kind of explosion.
Jide Alakija: Thanks eterisk.

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