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20 Mar 2006 2,485 views
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photoblog image The Eye, Thames and North Bank - 2
The Eye, Thames and North Bank - 2|

The Eye, Thames and North Bank - 2

No time to work on any new stuff so I'm now digging into my emergency and somewhat not finished items.

This is a shot is a shot I've taken
before which I wasn't too happy with at the time of capture. I promised Nkechi that I would do another version which I believe reflects what I was intending on capturing.

What do you think of this? Compared to the previous is this an improvement or should I have left it as it was before? I'll be very interested to hear your point of view on this.

I have three more HDR shot to put up then I'll be unto something else.

New feature on Shutterchance. You can now send this image in an eCard to your friends. The idea is that if an image better expresses thoughts, emotions or feelings for or to another person use it.

Post processing:  Application of the HDR technique and Slight colour saturation

comments (44)

  • david
  • 20 Mar 2006, 00:08
Awesome shot of the sky - love the colours and the different elements shown..cheers ;D
Jide Alakija: Thanks David. First comment as usual!
It certainly brings the scene to life, verging on the surreal though now. Not sure how much effort this takes and how much control you have but it certainly offers you an opportunity to 'improve' or fine tune a shot.
Jide Alakija: Thanks Simon.
  • bola
  • 20 Mar 2006, 00:20
yea. surreal is the word. Reminds me of those "gotham citylike" super hero sets. for want of a better description. I prefer this to the prev shot. That was pretty dark.Nice work
Jide Alakija: Thanks Bola. I think so too.
  • Roger
  • 20 Mar 2006, 00:32
Nice shot of a very photographed site.
Jide Alakija: Thanks Roger. Indeed it's such a well photographed peice.
  • Amit
  • 20 Mar 2006, 01:48
WOW, this is a lovelt shot of the London skyline. I specially like the contrasting colour of the sky and the clouds. Nice work !!
Jide Alakija: Thanks Amit.
excellent color tone ans compostion....nice contrast bt old architecture and modern structuresmile well donesmile
Jide Alakija: Thanks.
Yeah this is a great one for HDR. I really love the almost 3D appearance it brings to this kind of shot.
Jide Alakija: Yup...this is probably my best HDR shot. I hope the rest meet up to the same .
Excellent! A big, big difference with the original. Amazing what you achieved here in PS! Nicely done!
Jide Alakija: Thanks Sidney.
  • Sele
  • 20 Mar 2006, 03:56
Second time viewing this and the Eye looks closer! Did you crop the pic since you posted it?

I quite like the shot... It's very alive!
...the clouds a bit too strong though. They look like storm clouds in a less storm-threatening atmosphere. Ki l'o feel?
Jide Alakija: Nah...no cropping.
Love it... very nice HDR work you have here... I love the first tree one you did... good stuff
Jide Alakija: Thanks Brett. I think the tree was excellent too.
  • sk
  • 20 Mar 2006, 07:48
Sick shot, please take it off, its too good. I am really itching for spring and summer to kick for ladnscape shots like this
Jide Alakija: Sick...yup.
Supherb image. I love the deep colours. The Sky looks great too.
Jide Alakija: Thanks Philipp.
still can't seem to get my head around this HDR thingy. the colours it produces just seem so unreal...otherwise i love the composition!!
Jide Alakija: That's how I felt when I first encountered it. Thanks.
  • tetsu
  • 20 Mar 2006, 09:12
Cloud is so dreamy. Nice shot. smile
Jide Alakija: Thanks Tetsu.
  • vidya
  • 20 Mar 2006, 09:12
Fanastic Shot !
Jide Alakija: Thanks vidya.
  • Nkechi
  • 20 Mar 2006, 09:19
Lol. Been waiting for this one for ages. Love the colours, especially the sky.

However, difficult as I may seem, I STILL prefer the first one. It evokes a sense of dream-like calm and reminds me of early morning walks along Westminster Bridge when working for one of the tacky tour bus companies (yes, I was one of the droning voices on the top deck!) and William Wordsworth's "Composed upon Westminster Bridge, Sept. 3, 1802", one of my favourite poems, about the London skyline in the early morning.

Obviously, quite a few things have changed since Wordsworth's day, but you'd be surprised how resonant the poem still is, despite the difference two centuries may have made. I won't paste the whole poem on here, but I will include the link below. See if it resonates with you, and which of the shots you feel it most applies to. My money's on the previous shot!

Jide Alakija: Thanks Nkechi, women are hard to please. I have to stress that again. Women as hard to please.
  • Tosin
  • 20 Mar 2006, 09:34
Ghen Ghen- The future is here. Nice Pic looks so futuristic!!!
Have a good day boo! XXX
Jide Alakija: Kiss kiss!
Beautiful picture. The blue is grat and the clouds look amazing. I was a London a little more than an year ago and I took some pictures that include picture of and from the London Eye as well. You can check them out at : http://www.navinharish.net/gallery/london/launch.html
Jide Alakija: Saw your scrap book. REally impressive. Thanks for the comment.
  • Bola
  • 20 Mar 2006, 10:32
HDR? I know it's some kind of editing software but exactly what does it do? When r u having that glossary?
  • Micki
  • 20 Mar 2006, 11:22
I really like this shot. It is a great photo to share what an awesome spot that would be to visit one day.
Jide Alakija: Thanks Micki.
  • Suby
  • 20 Mar 2006, 11:28
Nice one bro, you know what? Before I comment on the HDR, let me say fantastic capture. Do not think it could have been snapped any better. You got all your angles spot on, showing the beauty not only of the Thames, but the London eye and the city of London, type of shot you see in a book and wish or pray YOU WERE there.

Now to the High Dynamic Range side of things. HDR is all about overcoming our craft's limitations, looking at the original and comparing with the image above, we can see how more apealing the image has been made. From a grey picture, we have gone to a wow image.

Has Jide's use of HDR help hence the image above. YES YES AND YES.

Has this image been overprocessed? NO.

I know the purist out there will be turning and spitting, but you know what I say, embrace the technology we are given, use it to enhance ones craft, know when to use and when not to. We after all our all out there for that perfect shot.

Jide has succeeded in making an okay picture into a great, fantastic image.

So to you my friend. You get a great big fat I LIKEY from the Subter.
Jide Alakija: Well thought out arguement. Thanks. Getting soft Suby.
  • Dave
  • 20 Mar 2006, 13:10
Awesome. The eye is one of those features that will always be photographed, but you make a great capture here. Just breathtaking.
Jide Alakija: Thanks Dave.
  • Lajumoke
  • 20 Mar 2006, 13:11
waow.. have to give it to you on this one. Looks like top pro stuff.
Jide Alakija: Thanks...
  • nkem
  • 20 Mar 2006, 14:04
Awesome. Love the skyline with clouds. Very pro. Keep it up.
Jide Alakija: Thanks...you all flatter me too much.
  • Gary
  • 20 Mar 2006, 14:19
beautiful cool blue tone throughout
Jide Alakija: Thanks Gary.
  • Sele
  • 20 Mar 2006, 14:49
"Boo" where are u?
Jide Alakija: Boo?
  • david
  • 20 Mar 2006, 16:54
lovely image; great photo of a traditional scene, and i love the surreal sky!
Jide Alakija: Thanks David.
Nice and very clean photo
very good cute
Jide Alakija: Thanks fabrizio
  • Dammie BerryMoore
  • 20 Mar 2006, 17:38
WoW, That will be a veryy lovely postcard.
Jide Alakija: Thanks Dammie.
  • BobC
  • 20 Mar 2006, 18:35
Very nice image, that HDR brings out the cloud detail very nicely.
Jide Alakija: Thanks BobC.
fantastic. wow
Jide Alakija: Thanks Moeview.
Just spectacular! I love the color.. This is one of your best shots Jide! I am adding you site to my blogroll!
Jide Alakija: Thanks Samcam.
very nice work! good colours. the coud looks amazing!
Jide Alakija: Thanks sebastian
  • loic
  • 21 Mar 2006, 14:14
The blue effect is terrific.
This reminds me of one of those fantasy-themed album covers.
Brilliant processing.
This reminds me of one of those fantasy-themed album covers.
Brilliant processing.
The sky is amazing. Great work!
Great shot. The HDR tends to make everything look fake, and that's unfortunate. I want everything to look real...almost ubber-real. It gives me a more powerful emotional response. If something is too tampered with, I feel only like a voyeur...and disbelief starts to enter my mind. I really like your shots, Jide, and maybe I'm one of the few on here, but the HDR isn't working for me. Kind regards, Brent
Great photo - sensational.
Perfect saturated colors. A fantastic shot. A want make one like this.
  • Wolf
  • 22 Mar 2006, 14:40
Wow, really nice photo! Colors are cool!
  • aaron
  • 23 Mar 2006, 07:17
great photo...
great post processsing, dramatic sky
  • belen
  • United States
  • 29 Mar 2010, 08:36
Beautiful photo, I love the HDR here it looks like painting

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