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24 Feb 2006 1,454 views
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photoblog image Suya on the beach
Suya on the beach|

Suya on the beach

Theme of the Week: Shooting from inside the car

Shot 5: Suya on the beach

For those of you that aren't from Nigeria and those that are that shamefully don't know what "Suya" is you can find out more about what it is and how to make it at this
African Recipies site. Now let's discuss this photograph. On the left is a the Suya Mallam doing his stuff with a customer who is patiently waiting. On the right God knows but he doesn't look very interested. The guy in the middle all the way into the photograph is looking into the Atlantic ocean, maybe contemplating.

For those of you that have every had Suya, can you please share your experiences, doesn't the wait always seem to make you want it even more and more, and once your given that wrapped Newspaper with your Suya, on the drive home all you can think about is the Suya. Well that's what always happens to me at least.

This photograph was taken in a car moving a maybe 40mph hence the blurred sand, it wasn't the brightest of day either so as usual I've had to change that a bit. I'll very interested in what you have to say about this photograph both technically and non-technically. Otherwise enjoy your weekend.

Dislaimer: I wasn't driving when this was taken.

More to come tomorrow and 2 more shots left in this series before the next one, this is tough! Please can you at least tell me how I'm doing? I really do value your input....PLEASE!!!!

comments (11)

  • Asiko
  • 24 Feb 2006, 00:02
Thanks a lot, now I want Suya. Interesting composition. Like the colours. Yummmmmmmmm Suya. Damn U Jide.
Ya already know I'm a sucker for your Nigerian shots. The rich colours are just like in the national geographic magazines. Only slight complaint is that it's a bit blur, I think you should have used a slightly faster shutterspeed (or ask the driver to slow down a bit).
  • David
  • 24 Feb 2006, 00:33
While I understand the difficulty of shooting from a moving car. Probably on a very bumpy road at that. This shot does nothing for me.

I think there are too many subjects that could be main subjects by themselves.

And you could also crop out whatever is sticking in from the left.

I'll assume you're still recovering from the news of the 30D... hahahahahahahaha..... Long live Nikon!!!
Asiko: Sorry dude. I've had my fair share of the stuff and I love it.

The Maven: You know it was again spur of the moment. But then the blurr in my opinion adds to the shot, I feel in that it mentions the fact that I was moving really fast.

David: Thanks for you comments. What I wanted to show was exactly how I saw it, I guess if I crop out the bits that are not important then it would be a different and arguably better shot, but it's not what I wanted to convey.

Generally guys, I'm happy with the way it is. Thanks for the great comments again.
I'll have to agree with David on this one. If it weren't for the back story provided, i would have no idea what this shot was about.
  • Suby
  • 24 Feb 2006, 01:13
Dude, me no likey. Weakest shot from Jide in a long while.

Fallen asleep as typing, will give more comments when brain awaaaakkeeeeee tom. zzzzzzzzzzz.
  • skee
  • 24 Feb 2006, 07:38
I like Suya! So I won't say anything bad about the picture!
  • Suby
  • 24 Feb 2006, 12:32
Ok Jide, you ready for the Subster?

Looking at the image again, for me I think it would have been spot on if it was not blurry. There definitely has to be some cropping going on here. Too many things are going on, shld I concentrate on the chap sitting down, the guys at the stall or the chap obviously watching the waves/blue sky.

Ask yourself, is this a good photo journal image? Will I/have I seen this type of image in print? If it was to be printed, do I have the space to try to convey my reasons for taking the image? I thought the essence of the image was to mostly sell itself.

If you do crop the shot as it is, would it be a better shot? No for me. Why? It will still stand out as a good picture gone blurry.

Why did you not use a faster shutter speed?

I know you want to convey the fact this was taken from a car, you have demonstrated this over the week without presenting us with a blurry shot, so why start now?

A very high majority(a fact of which I jealous) are WOW.

However this shot, "Weakest shot by a mile from you I have ever seen".


"Ars longa, vita brevis"
  • digitalmike
  • 24 Feb 2006, 12:38
I was in Indonesia last fall, and shot many of my pictures from a van going about 45, on a road that can best be described as a washboard. You did a good job my friend. It's not easy to catch everything and keep up with all the camera settings at the same time. I kept one eye in the viewfinder, and one out the window at all times. This could be sharper, but it's still a good pix considering. I have enjoied the whold series of "car" shots.
Suby: Well you can't win them all can you Suby. I really like this shot mainly because of the colour and also maybe because I know what the original looks like. But thanks for your comments. You're not as harsh as your initial comment suggests.

Digitalmike: You are soooooooo kind and sooooo understanding. Thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot guys...keep the comments coming. I really value them a lot.
Sorry missed this yesterday as I was busy griping about critique.

I think this is perfect, thought so from the thumbnail before I had even read the blurb.

I think this works for me mainly due to the guy in the distance staring away seems to be perfectly lit and well focussed. He gives me a stable start point from which to investigate the picture. Had it all been in crisp focus and detail I would have struggled to know where to look and would have ended up wandering around, unsettled. I wonder if you deliberately worked on that part of the image. There's so much interest in the photo for me, then again I think some know that I like more obscure imagery than some. You get a big thumbs up from me and the only thing that would ruin it would be if I knew how long you'd spent 'enhancing' it.

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