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22 Feb 2006 1,379 views
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photoblog image This Baba and his Cockerels
This Baba and his Cockerels|

This Baba and his Cockerels

Theme of the Week: Shooting from inside the car

Shot 3: This Baba and his Cockerels

This Baba (Nigerian definition: Big man) here had such a comical look that I had no option but to take a photograph of him. He reminded me of a "Big Boss Man" with his mighty stature and jolly smile in his face. The moment saw the camera he smiled, that immediately softened his intimidation. I instructed him to lift up the cocks so that I could see them. Mind you the car was moving all this time, just really slow as the traffic was picking up.

This was the first ever shot I had ever taken of someone who looked intimidating but actually turned out to be quite nice. It's shots like these that keep me going on my quest to get that perfect Journalist Photograph. A lesson learnt, never be to afraid to bring out the camera, you never know, you might just make your subjects day. Honest.

Don't attempt to remove the scratch on his face, your minotor isn't dirty, those stripes you see was somebody's finger print on the side window of the car I was being driven in. Sorry guys you can't get them perfect all the time.

Okay enough giberish.......tell me a story about this shot!

Dislaimer: I wasn't driving when this was taken.

More to come tomorrow and 4 more shots left in this series before the next one, this is tough! Please can you at least tell me how I'm doing? I really do value your input....PLEASE!!!!

comments (11)

I like the way you've captured him in the appropriate environment (looks like a market behind him?). However, some minor niggles: There isn't quite enough light on his face so making out his facial expression is a tad difficult. Some fill flash from even the pop-up would have helped i feel. Also, maybe the bit of the wing mirror at the bottom corner of the frame could have been cropped away. It kind of spoils the "illusion".

But overall, a remarkable photo considering it was from a moving car. =^)
Denosha: Thanks for the comment. I did consider cropping the mirror but as I wanted to show that fact that I took this from the car, I thought it worked pretty well with the theme. I did consider artificially putting some light into his face, but thought I'd leave it alone and make it a mysterious part of the shot, as you know I was in a moving car and I didn't plan to see him.
  • Suby
  • 22 Feb 2006, 01:51
Funny thing is I like the shot. I personally do NOT think the mirror in the image works for the picture and think it should be removed. You have already informed us the viewers this is a themed week and you will be showcasing shots from a car. I think thats enough, let our imagination do the rest.

The dark tones as well work very well for the image, nope do not even think of brightning up his face, I like the mystery of the shot, like the atmosphere in the background it adds value to the shot. One thinks, why would any one be holding them birds in the middle of the street? Where in the world is this?

Nice image. LOOSE THE MIRROR (notice I did not use the word crop) smile
Suby: Thanks for your comments. Sorry I don't want to manipulate the shot any further, but I share your sentiments about the mirror. This picture was taken in Lagos Island, Nigeria and the man is a street hawkers selling cockerels.
You could have entitled this one "Chicken flu"! Sorry, bad joke. wink I like the photo, it's very exotic. You definately won't see that in London - not even in our markets. Everything is so processed that you're too removed away from the story of your "food". Many thumbs up from me for this scene.
  • Stan
  • 22 Feb 2006, 05:37
Whats that strange streaking visible on his face and nowhere else? I guess the window might have been dirty but since you're using an SLR, shouldn't limited DOF have sorted that out?
  • Tosin
  • 22 Feb 2006, 08:58
Funnily enough this pictures make me a bit hungery. There is nothing quite like nice freshly cut chicken. I thinks this pic should also be a tribute to all the chickens that have died from bird flu... may they rest in peace.
Stan: Good point as you can see I took that shot at f/8 so most part if not almost everything should be sharp, but I cheated a bit in photoshop and applied a lens blur to create the DOF effect as the background was really a distraction. I guess I should have manipulated the face too. Good for pointing that out.
  • Asiko
  • 22 Feb 2006, 10:08
LOL Tosin is funny. Ok we like this shot. Interestingly enuff the mirror in corner works for me and I think I would put it, if I took this shot. Nice shot Jids, it has atmosphere and mystery, but not too much that U can't know what is happening. Photojournalism strike, ur well on ur way.
  • T A
  • 22 Feb 2006, 10:35
chicken tonite ;-) Me likes the smile on the man's face, like he's about to 'convince' you to take a cockerel home... The blurry lines across his face are a bit distracting, but otherwise, one can see what is going on around him with the main focus being him. Trust you can make sense out of that ;-) Bravo, weiter so.
  • Bidemi
  • 22 Feb 2006, 13:28
A story? Okay, here goes:

Bird flu is in the eye of the beholder.

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