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13 Feb 2006 1,426 views
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photoblog image How rude? Whatever!!!
How rude? Whatever!!!|

How rude? Whatever!!!

Okay now I'm ready to take it all today....lol. What does this shot say to you? To me I think it could be portrayed as rude but such is the type of world we live in for free speech. Okay my colleague here is in no way being rude she's just merely demonstrating a point to someone else (not in the shot) I think it's interesting. Freedom of speech can really mean many things in many languages. Did you hear about the cartoons in Canada rudely portraying a certain religious icon? How free is our speech? Does such a thing exist? Discuss....(with this image in mind)

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  • Suby
  • 13 Feb 2006, 00:10
Noooooo, can't believe it, I have an image I took last week of a friend thats almost identical to this one. I was going to put it up tonight.

Damn you have stolen my thunder smile


Going off in a huff to bed, cannot be bothered to think of any other image to put up smile
Teeeeeeheeeee wink

smile She's holding up her middle finger anyway! and there is absolutely no expression on her face. so I wouldn't really think she was been rude, that would be a hasty conclusion!

I do believe in freedom of speech but also "wisdom" in speech, is a value that is overlooked and abused, frequently!

The said cartoons, were a malicious attempt to escalate a voliatile and sensitive topic, to cause unrest, and at the end of the "chess game", after all the chaos... benefit someone/group either politically or financially or both!
Hi Jide,

The drawings you refer to is the one from my country, Denmark? The ones depicting the Prophet Mohammed?

I don't know Mr.Skee but the drawings were not an attempt to escalate anything, one should be careful judging others motives without asking them or check the facts.

If you and others want to know more read the newspapers articles about the subject in English here:


To the photo:

An F finger is a strong expression and combined with the look in her face I would guess that its an answer to an insult of some kind.

Normally I see the F finger in the traffic when I drive my car smile
Like I said " wisdom in speech", Stupidity and the press however, do go hand in hand! Strong words...but hey this is monday...bring it on!
I've also read that artcle and a bunch of others too!
In the world of the press, so called "Good intention", can easily be manipulated, by people who just await for so called golden oppertunities to arise!
  • Ayo
  • 13 Feb 2006, 10:09
You could easily see the image is a paradigm shift waiting to happen, because her facial expression does not really match the hand gesture. It will be interesting to see the full picture revealing what point she was really conveying.

Did you know that the drawings was printed in late september and did not course any turmoil until a groups of Imams travel around the Middeleast in December showings much worse pictures that never was printed in the newspaper.

While the imams were travelling through the Middle East, an impression that the general Muslim population in Denmark is subject to insult and discrimination began to ferment. A rumour that there were plans to disgrace the Koran also began to spread.

These claims were completely groundless, but nevertheless served to stir up the ire of Muslim populations around the globe against Denmark and the newspaper "Jyllands-Posten".

Every story has multiple sides...
"Every story has multiple sides...", agreed! Jeppe, thanks for the enlightenment
  • Tosin
  • 13 Feb 2006, 11:16
You naughty boy!!
  • Ade
  • 13 Feb 2006, 11:55
The picture looks she is irritated and she told Jide to F off for trying to take her. However it seems like she knows Mr Alakija and was trying to have a conversation with someone, but he poked his camera in her face.
I think the expression on her face could have been better, but there U go. U can't have everything. I think U have a two other stronger shots with somebody giving the middle finger.
Freedom of speech huh. There is actually a play on broadway in ths states with Jesus Christ and his disciples depicted as gay and loving each other. Ermmmmm.
Seriously its for real.
For one I am sure Jesus wasn't gay and he came to this world to do something quite important. Don't really care about the play or about what is said about Jesus, cos it ain't true and there are worse things to be worrying about on this earth.
Honestly people are too religious to the extent of being fanatical. Don't get me wrong I love God more than anything, but being manipulated by some idiot in a press room is a frigin waste of time.
Religion can be liked to a hand pointing at the moon, God being the moon and religion the hand. We loose site of the moon and focus on the hand.
People will always say something about religion and sometimes belittle it. Whatcha gonna do? fight em all the time.
  • The Maven
  • 13 Feb 2006, 15:50
Very provocative. Mixing an elegant pose with something totally unexpected. It's like the prankster (what's his name?) having a classic 1800s oil painting of a victorian lady with a gas mask painted on. Not sure I like it, not sure that I don't either.
  • Bele
  • 13 Feb 2006, 16:04

Am sure we havent been introduced formally but i was at tomi's party and ever since i have always looked at your page and am very impressed am jsut using this to say brillant work. You have removed the link to tomi's party is there anyway i could get it i would like to look at some pics there if you dont mind.
  • tinkerbell
  • 15 Feb 2006, 17:39
I don't care what anyone says, there are days when I've longed to raise that very eloquent finger. However, I have been restrained by fear of censure. For those brave enough to raise it, I say carry on.
  • tinkerbell
  • 15 Feb 2006, 17:47
I don't care what anyone says, there are days when I've longed to raise that very eloquent finger. However, I have been restrained by fear of censure. For those brave enough to raise it, I say carry on.
  • Colin Hunter
  • 10 Mar 2006, 12:10
This is the finger I cut - can you put the dressing on it please?

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