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04 Feb 2006 1,766 views
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photoblog image Bell Jar:Okada washing
Bell Jar:Okada washing|

Bell Jar:Okada washing

It's Saturday, another week is over. How was it for you? I hope not as bad as mine with my sudden encounter with the Flu and my darling sweet heart moving to her new home. I have a whole range of shots of Okada's in Lagos in various situations. Sometime in the summer as I was driving through Victoria Island I came past this OASIS where I met hundreds of Okada riders washing thier bikes. First thought..."I've never seen this before" I found it fascinating, so I brought the camera out and took a picture. It's an interesting way to groom your okada don't you think? Have a good weekend.

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  • David
  • 4 Feb 2006, 03:13
Now this shot I really like for reasons I can't just quite point out yet. The composition and location of the main subject in the frame is spot on.

I'm not sure what type of conversion you use to convert to black and white but I'm not a big fan of it. I don't like the various tones you're getting. How're you converting if you don't mind my asking.
David: Yeah certainly, as you know you can't get a pure black and white picture with a Digital image so it's a real challenge to get a decent converted black and white photograph. I'm yet to find one that has really impressed me.

In this particular shot I have used a combination of the RAW converter from Capture One Pro, the Lab colour in Photoshop and a few curves.

If you know of a better technique I'll be more than happy to consider it.

Thanks for your comments too, really appreciate it all the time (also I know it's not fair but I don't mind the negative comments, I just merely convert them to improvements, so feel free to leave them)

  • mr skee
  • 4 Feb 2006, 07:36
The same here, I totally agree with David!
I really like this, everything is in the "right" place... the background exists but doesn't interfere with the subject, the subject is placed in the right position...i could go on and on!
Well done!
It show's alot of character on the part of the photographer when he responds "positively" to "positive criticism" as it only improves the quality of his work!
And this shot,Mr Alakija, is a vast improvement from yesterdays smile
As you know, I don't punch my punches, when I don't like...I don't like!
On to the point that David made about the b/w conversion, I don't want to get too techincal, but having said that, you never know who reads these comments, I believe, that somehow what ever we say does have impact on others, so I will continue, trying my best to speak as if speaking to a child wink
Ok that said... on to your b/w conversion method.
Jide, you seem to be losing quite an amount of detail, especially in the lighter parts!how is this so? I too am keen to know how come, as your iso800 suggests that it wasn't that a bright day smile am I wrong?
Anyway, jide you know that you can call me anytime...
It would be, a great idea in the future to maybe have a help section... with tips on things like this, i.e, black n white conversion, sharpening etc, as I get the feeling that it will benefit many...
Have a great weekend, oh....I had a busy week as well,tiring too! I found myself falling alseep on trains...and that was just going to work ;-)
....as they say! (and don't get too wise and ask me who?), "The struggle must continue" Im off to do my blog grin
  • mr skee again
  • 4 Feb 2006, 07:39
I must have started my comment before Jide's reply to Dav....smile
I really need to improve on my two touch typing skills! ;-)
  • jupiter
  • 4 Feb 2006, 08:05
I check your website daily, nice stuff! Sometimes I agreed other times I don't:-That's life, lol! To"Mr Skee", you seem to be getting softer? anyway, as always as you do say, you do keep it real, I enjoy your input!
Jide, I will have to disagree with you when you say that:
"as you know you can't get a pure black and white picture with a Digital image..."
"Black and white" is i'm afraid "Black and white" no more no less! Alot of work taken for magazines today is digital...and the output in some cases...im afraid is black and white!
that said both film and digital b/w pictures should have their distinctive characteristics, as they are in a sense, different media, as oil is to arcylics for example! but to say that one is "pure" and the other not, is very relative.
On a lighter note, I really hope that you have not passed you flu over to your "Darling sweetheart" rolol!
NICE PICTURE BY THE WAY! do you travel often?
  • Funmi
  • 4 Feb 2006, 10:45
i love this... not only for the obvious great photography reasons, but cuz this is sooo close to my house!!!
  • David
  • 4 Feb 2006, 13:32
Hey Jide, I suspected you were using the LAB method in photoshop.
I've used that and don't like the results I get so I've since moved to using the channel mixer or the infamous calculation method.

I can't go into details on both of them now as I've had to get up at 8 on a Saturday for a photo assignment in 2 hrs time. It's dangerrous when your hobby becomes work. One thing to go out and take pictures another because you have to.

Well Jide, I'll get back to you either here, a message for eyes only or email on more detailed instructions on the conversions stated if you want.
  • David
  • 4 Feb 2006, 14:26
In regards to Jide's statement on black and white. Not sure exactly what he meant on you can't get a true b&w image. If you're referring to the camera taking the image in b&w, then I agree with you.

Most magazines require raw files for images submitted. A raw file is never truly b&w. Besides I don't know why you'd want to take a b&w image when you'd get better results converting post processing. But you can't go back from a b&w to color.
i in reflection on the water...great composition and dof
Amazing Depth of Field. Really good work
  • tomasina
  • 14 Feb 2007, 15:24
ur black and white photo's are amazing really truly amazing. keep it up, God bless.
  • olatoun
  • United States
  • 21 Jan 2009, 13:58
i love this.
its a common sight during the rainy season.

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