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31 Jan 2006 1,361 views
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photoblog image Too busy not to talk!
Too busy not to talk!|

Too busy not to talk!

In response to Bidemi's comments yesterday I've decided show something else about my photography. I don't normally show stuff like this as I don't know if people see anything interesting in them. But as it may turn out some of you may be bored of my old stuff. So here we go. I didn't know what to call this so please don't barsh me on it's title. One thing for those of you that like challenges where do you think that is? Bid's what do you think? You agree with what I've called it? To me it says something about how we can be very engrossed in our conversations on the phone and sometimes miss our buses, not to say that that's what's happening here but it's an interesting illustration I think. Thanks for your comments yesterday again feel free to speak on this one. What can you attribute this moment too and also what would you have titled it as? (HINT: This lady is standing not far from me and she's looking at me)

comments (18)

  • Exquisite Eminence
  • 31 Jan 2006, 00:33
Not sure I like it...it needs some kind of focus or something extra...like either make the sign behind or the person on the phone less blury...or with the "missed the bus" thing you were saying, maybe a reflection of a bus going by somewhere in the background...this isn't working for me...
  • mr skee
  • 31 Jan 2006, 07:33
Saw this before I went to bed, wanted to sleep on it, cos I couldn't hit the nail on the head to what it did remind me of. Now I get it, it's a paparazzi shot of some unknown british actor doing her shopping! ;-)
Talking about being engrossed, guys, I know longer listen to my ipod while cross the... ( rhymes with beat!) ;-)
  • Ade
  • 31 Jan 2006, 08:47
hmmmmm........... Jide Alakija, are U pulling a chrom (private joke). Th concept isn't bad, but alas its somehow lacking in something, not sure what. Doesn't the woman know yardie boyz are stealing mobile phones on the street?
  • Funmi
  • 31 Jan 2006, 10:42
u know the feeling u get when ur in a car and moving fast, but ur still trying to look at and focus on every building, person and thing u go past...
thats d feeling i got.
Guys I don't know if you but this is a reflection off a bus. The destination of the bus is "Woolwich & Nathan Way". Does that change things a bit?
  • Bidemi
  • 31 Jan 2006, 13:04
Well, well. I am very pleasantly surprised. This shot is like a reportage. Kind of like the ones war correspondents or 'serious' photo journalist use. You captured the reflection of the bus properly; the frenetic pace of life and the idea that somehow in the midst of all this activity, she's still conducting her daily business as normal. Well done!
  • mr skee
  • 31 Jan 2006, 13:05
Maybe if the composition included part of the bus it would! But as it stands,...nope!
On my way to work, I thought about a suitable name for this picture..." Kelly kimberly talks on her mobile while shopping", A good tabloid title eh? ;-)
  • Funmi
  • 31 Jan 2006, 13:23
aha! nice...
Bidemi, you got that on point and obviously you have a good knowledge of "Reportage Photography"

  • Nkem
  • 31 Jan 2006, 14:03
We don't call you a paparazzo for nothing...
  • Duane Bong
  • 31 Jan 2006, 15:08
Looks all blur to me... or is it time to get new glasses? Or maybe both.
dude, you better not post anything like this anymore, or you might confirm our suspicions about your secret life as a celebrity stalker/paparazzo
  • Ololade
  • 31 Jan 2006, 15:51
You're back!!!!..I missed your pics!..Anyway, this shot to me is JUST BLUR..Im not sure I see the art..but hey! what do i know....
  • Dimples
  • 31 Jan 2006, 18:18
I concur with Ololade all the way...but then again...I guess it falls under what they call "ART"
Not so much Art but the technique, in this type of photography your aim is to catch the subject without them knowing, this is the type used by Paparrizzi's. In this case (for those of you that don't know) I was standing next to this person and captured the reflection on the bus.

Now imagine this was a celebrity, it would have changed the picture totally. Thanks all.
  • bola
  • 31 Jan 2006, 23:10
caputured the reflection on the bus? Now that's gone way over my head! How did you go about doing that?
  • Stan
  • 1 Feb 2006, 22:19
Nah, this is sub standard. Its not saying anything nothing stands out besides the fact thats its a blur. Please dont do this again
I think it's good, very journalistic and you've captured city life with the blur, a snatched view, everyone being a nobody.

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